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  1. Ok, you admit your mistake, but I can't in good conscience ever give you 60 dollars again unless you release a game, and after a month or two, people are saying it's amazing. I can't believe people are pre-ordering Halo 5 after what 343 has done the last 6+ months.
  2. I still play the game, and I've gotten over the many flaws... but I think the criticism is completely justified. If this were Bungie circa 2005 with pre-patch settings, I would be more patient, because of their success with Halo 1, and the fact they weren't rushing new releases... But we all know in a few months 343 will abandon this game and focus on their new "Halo" game for the Holiday season.
  3. Well, I'm pretty sure in H2A Anniversary currently, level 50's can get matched up with people who are level 1 to 5, so the ranking doesn't make any sense. They need a lot of overhaul. I also don't get why they would pick "Team Slayer" for a ranking system. It has like 4 or 5 games in the playlist, so a team's actual H1 skill would be far different than their H3 skill. They should've added ranks to H2 Hardcore or H2 Classic. It's hard to have any faith in 343.
  4. I really wanted to play in it, but that was the one Saturday I'm busy... hoping there's another one in May.
  5. With no ranks, I really don't understand why we can't have a H1 2v2 AND a 4v4 playlist. It seems like most games are randomly skilled players anyway. The population certainly isn't that low. I've been playing all last week, and i always found 3v3 games within 30 seconds to a minute consistently. It's pretty frustrating in a 2v2, where you have someone who has never played H1 before as a teammate, it's basically a waste of time. At least with 3v3 and 4v4, you can play despite awful teammates. Might still lose, but it will be more fun.
  6. Does anyone else get the red triangle error: "Error retrieving data center results. Please restart Halo 5." I've tried hard resetting my xbox, resetting router, etc. Nothing seems to work...
  7. lol the mcc update isn't too bad... I remember when I installed starcraft for the first time like 15 years ago on 56K modem, the battle.net update took like half a day. Kids who got MCC/Xbox for christmas will suffer through the wait.
  8. Game looks meh. Not gonna bother playing the beta.
  9. They should just make it a 4v4 H1 playlist, then we can actually play objs
  10. Well the wait times are a lot better... I usually find matches in 30 seconds now.
  11. I doubt it. It's been nearly 3 weeks and the game is still so broken.... with very few fixes.
  12. Sounds like me. I've gotten H3 the last 5 games. Seriously... you have your own playlist, go play it.
  13. So far, this patch is better than the last one. I've gotten matches faster, and all 3 games were 4v4 or 5v5.
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