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  1. Halo 2 - Gh057ayame. The Halo 2 underdog. Dethroned FB with Carbon. Used to watch him very close. Had amazing support skills and always knew when to challenge or not. Halo 3 - Hysteria. Dude has such a nasty snipe. Something about the way he played just made him so much fun to watch. H3 Triggers Down was amazing. Halo Reach - Lethul. Because F*** You that's why. Halo 4 - Dersky. Had the opportunity to run a bunch of games with Dersky. Guy had enough awareness to play great AND give me a play by play of exactly what to do the whole game. Even when he died in a hell storm of bulls*** that was 100% my fault, he was still one of the nicest dudes I've ever talked to. Underrated - Nexus. This dude was a beast. You can watch any of his VOD and he was always the first person to be exactly where he needed to be to make things happen. Solid knowledge. All Time - OLAAAAA! No explanation needed.
  2. I REALLY want dual spikers back. There's no better feeling than knowing you're going to win and trolling around with dual spikers.
  3. Why can't I hold all these feels??!!
  4. So many feels. Must share the feels.
  5. When 343i took over Halo, I like most people, was a bit nervous. All in all, their first full game was not a bad game, it just wasn't a good halo game. During the months after the release, a lot of people jumped in to do their best to help 343 build community. During this time we saw folks like Gandhi and Maven return, Saucey Rants, AGL come and go, and the launch of Beyond Ent. to name a few. Title updates came quickly unlike they did in Halo: Reach, and while most never got the game they wanted, a valiant effort was made by 343i. Throughout countless hate speeches, sarcastic remarks and tweets, and a significant population drop, 343 still continued to provide surprises and stay classy. Right now, the Halo community, as well as a huge chunk of the overall gaming community, is excited about the news of The Master Chief Collection. Some time after the release of Halo:4, I got in contact with Gh057ayame after he had joked about forging Construct via Twitter. I proposed to build the map as precisely as possible in Halo:4. After multiple attempts, and countless hours and trips between discs, we discovered that it was highly unlikely to work. A good chunk of time passed and Gh057 was hired at 343. Being a long time fan, I was really excited for him. What had happened after that is what kept me from abandoning Halo. I signed on to Twitter and noticed a tweet from Beyond. Gh057 had written a "thank you" note to the community. Scrolling through the names, I was absolutely in awe to see "John Wray", my own name, sitting somewhere between the likes of Flamesword, Dersky and Chig. I felt like "How did I end up here? I didn't even succeed on the map?" We had probably talked to each other 5 times in total. Still, he remembered and recognized me as a person who played a part. Seeing my name made me realize that this is the type of community I want to be a part of. A community that turns small steps into massive milestones. I want this thread to be a huge "Thank you" to who ever it is any of you want to thank. 343 got up on stage and thanked the community, and we should probably show them some support for answering all of our Based Gh057 prayers. So thank you, 343. Thank you Beyond Ent. And Thank you Based Gh057.
  6. But, but... My Spartan binoculars!
  7. Looking to grab some people into a customs lobby. Plan on running throughout the day. Leave your egos at home, this isn't a super serious sam scrim time, and nobody wants to hear you complaining instead of calling out. We're doing these customs to help each other become better players, so be ready to give and take constructive criticism after the game. Mics only please. Message /add BaControl for an invite!
  8. The games been out for what? 8-9 months? if that now? Unsure. According to passed releases, Halo 5 isn't coming around until late 2014. I HIGHLY doubt we won't see some kind of DLC or new game until then.
  9. I'm in the same region as Arsunist. Try me out, GT BaControl
  10. Bacon

    NHL Thread

    They are speeders, yet they keep playing like tough guys. They need to knock out the useless hits, and speed the skating up. Of course, my Bruins have it in the bag either way...
  11. GT- BaControl If you're from New England, and you're down to play and sometimes LAN, add me up! Send message with f/r though
  12. I want to try and make this theatre event possible. It's not a movie theatre, its a private cabaret theatre. It's one HUGE room with lots of seating, and a big stage. Theres a section to set up a casting booth, a studio basement for pool play and other stations, as well as plenty of back-stage room. In the colder months, nobody really comes out so the theatre just sits idle. Told me he'd be glad to host an event, so long as we can provide the equipment to do it. Should I make an Indie-gogo? We haven't had a NE event since MLG Providence!
  13. I do side work for a Theatre near Boston, Owner said he's cool with doing an event. Imagine, Live on the silver screen! There's balcony seating, a concession stand, and even a whole studio downstairs for pool play. Main stage on a REAL stage!
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