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  1. I personally think the main stage could of used some more love; two teams face to face (which has its positives) with no divider except the monitors and a piece of cardboard was just kind of tacky to me. The way the seating was situated and angles for camera's that were not taken advantage of could of proved to increase the quality of the stage presence. Though I do understand the scope and scale of this new tournament experiment and applaud Iron Gaming for being able to get it together to the degree that they did. Also, those fans gotta step their game up. We need some hype guys out there or something because those spectators were acting dead!
  2. Haha whatever drugs they are doing at 343 studios, I want in!
  3. <Insert Suddoth Hate Bandwagon Comment Here> But on the real, best of luck, good to see teams interested.
  4. Hey haven't console gamed in 4 years, trying to be a cool kid again. Add me on my GT Poizy, I like long walks on the beach, candle lit dinners, and watching the Notebook. I'm from PA.
  5. I am liking these FFAs but the whole 10 man thing.. gets a bit hectic.
  6. Gamertag: Poizy From Doylestown currently going to Temple. Looking w/ fragtality for osme future teamates, and some local guys to lan with. Im 21 and have been around for awhile.
  7. Nice, while you're at it, you can go outside and take a nice deep breath since youve been sitting in your basement all day.
  8. I little tip here (just the tip ) and I don't know if this has been shared but I'll just say it to say it. When you are unable to find games (I was searching for 2 hours), disconnect your power supply from your xbox and from the wall outlet. Let it sit for 10+ sec to reset, while this also disconnects your xbox from the 343 servers. Reconnect and your connection to 343 servers should be reset. So far this has really worked for me and allowed me to connect to games in under 1 minute.
  9. Just from the random stuff I've read in this thread. It would make sense if it was around 4 pm PST but the problem is that it makes sense, and 343 hates making sense.
  10. Still no update ;( 5:30 pm EST. The estimate is for 7pm EST, so fingers crossed. I really wanna procrastinate doing this essay.
  11. I've lurked hard since this site was up and I kinda like the individual thread topic discussions better than the clumped together less personal MCC discussion thread. Thats just me tho, and I'm pretty happy there is finally a patch to fix this nonsense.
  12. Nice montage, I loved those out DMR/BR battles. If I was the dude on the other side of the screen... I would just accept that I'm in someone's montage now xD
  13. I've been lurking Beyond since the day you guys made this site, and haven't said anything (even had this bookmarked :P). But I must say MCC has me so stoked that I could not resist signing up and just plunging back into halo. Bad or Good I hope I can get that same spark I had way back when. Thank god I bought this Xbox One for something good.
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