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  1. Apparently the glitch where the host quits and the game ends is still a thing in H2C
  2. @@Batchford, Good game of Midship plasma rifles LOL. Cant believe its 2015 and we have to play this shit.
  3. They know that no one would move on to Halo 5 if that was the case. That is why. Why else would they reuse Halo 4.
  4. Just witnessed a glitch where the menu music doesn't play... It was glorious
  5. It's been a while since I've read the 100 day edition so I don't really remember what was included in it, but be sure to include all the stupid little bugs like the "Not connected to Xbox Live" glitch when you clearly are and the random screen flickering. It's not only the big bugs that display the horridness of this game, but also the little shit that adds up and really makes you wonder how incompetent these people actually are and reveals the scam artists that claim to have not seen these issues at launch. I would be down to help compile a list if it would help.
  6. @@BigShow36, nope, American. @@Shekkles, I have the same voting priority except H2 BRs wins over everything because if you vote H1 and a party decides they want to play SMGs you're tucked.
  7. Looking for anyone to vote H2 in TS and H1 in the case of SMG starts... Anyone down PM me!
  8. Don't be so sure. In halo 2 the system worked something like to get from 43 to 44 you had to win ridiculous 5 games to go up, but if you lost only one you would go down. They actually loosened the system with a patch a few months in because the highest rank on the leaderboards was around mid 30. Now think about the fact that everyone at a level 40 will have won however many games in a row, and it won't be so easy. Wish I could find the official breakdown on the Halo 2 ranks.
  9. Also wanted to add that even if you think this game falls on some Microsoft suit calling the shots, keep in mind that is no excuse for the horrible game management when it comes to BR vs AR/SMG starts, wrong game types, horrible playlist selections, etc etc.
  10. Don't know if you're surprised by this or not buy that is how Halo 2 worked... Very few people will be getting 50s if the system was done the right way... Can't stand hearing everyone saying how they're all going to get their 50 like Halo 3.
  11. Do you expect things to change by "forgiving and forgetting"?
  12. So we should see where they're coming from when a AAA studio owned by Microsoft fucks us out of 350+ for a game that is "just like we remember it" that didn't and still doesn't work 6 month later??? Nevermind all the lies and constant shoving of Halo 5 down our throats. All development and advertisement of Halo 5 should have been halted the second this travesty was released. It was done with Battlefield, it can be done. No. No sympathy from me. If they were more upfront about ANYTHING, MAYBE they would have a chance at sympathy. They want our money. All we want is what we paid for. They got what they wanted and we still haven't gotten what we want.
  13. In be4 ranks are still broken. Pathetic. Just got matched up against a 28 as a level 5. GG 343. Most embarrassing developer of all time. If they don't win the worst game studio award or whatever that was that EA got last year I'd be shocked
  14. I hard reset my xbox and it solved my problem with not finding matches. Quitting the build didn't work. Don't get why it came about though because I was finding matches with a po3 last night. I can't imagine the damage all of these hard resets are doing to the longevity of my xbox though. I still hate this Xbox dash. Hope they're just waiting on Windows 10 to make changes.
  15. So is anyone else having major problems with this update? I am having a horrible time finding games. It hasn't been this bad since the 1st patch in November. Oh and I played 4 or 5 games with a party of 3 and 4 last night, Tied, Won 3 and Lost one and we're all still level 1s???? How fucking hard is it to copy and paste a ranking system that was implemented in fucking 2004. 11 years ago.
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