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  1. AYE if you gonna talk shit you better act like a man and @ him. LMAO
  2. This is actually cool to see, to me it just looks like a crude version of H3PC, but hey I dont hate that idea. As far as the competitve side of things if the game picks up some steam the competitive side will develop along side it. No need to force it, a lot of people are looking for something outside of H5 and this might just fill the gap.
  3. cant wait for the Sudds to add there names to the pro list. But seriously can someone add Arkanum in there please.
  4. I have the same probablem, have no lag in any other game. But when I get on H2A I cant play the game.
  5. 1. Annex 2.Annex I honeslty think it could be ethier way for 3&4th but Im confident in saying 3.Annex 4.Annex and as far as I know the only N/A team that im worried about is EG, the rest are non-existent expecially Optic.

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