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  1. Looking for PGL dubs partner I'm west coast GT: das Husky If you have a decent shot hit me up lol Can also form a 4s team
  2. We should all switch to smite. Gandhi seems to be doing good
  3. Looking to run PGL dubs GT - das Husky @Hxsky_ Message my GT or tweet me
  4. F/A looking for team for HCS Experienced player Not looking to waste time so if you know that you can't grind, don't ask Would like to scrim and run PGL 4s everyday Prefferably looking for a To3 or to2 but if you are a F/A don't hesitate to hit me up GT: das Husky, twitter @Hxsky_ add/message me or tweet me
  5. anyone know how to turn off trigger vibration in halo 3? it doesn't go away even when i disabled vibration in settings
  6. F/A for online cups and what not West coast / WA Tweet me at @Hxsky_ or msg my GT - das Husky
  7. If this doesn't fix everything I'm starting my own league and winning all the tournaments I run
  8. This is the best thing that could've happened. We can only go up from here #WeBack
  9. MCC for the next 10 years. We don't even need to buy that garbage. Seriously don't understand 343
  10. Gamertag: das Husky Customs/MM: hardcore playlist and customs Region: US
  11. they said you can download the game itself pre release. Haven't seen anything on the update yet
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