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  1. Bumper Jumper Look Sensitivity 5 Look Acceleration 2 Toggle crouch (Yes i know) Inner Dead Zone 4% Outer Dead Zone 11%
  2. That's ....unique I guess? If i have my headset on the wrong volume it annoys me; god knows how he can play like that
  3. Just tugging on your strings buddy! I actually think players having these style pages/threads to follow are a really solid idea. It's something i've taken note of strongly for HTR.
  4. What's is up #DramaAlert nation I'm your host Killer KeemStar LET'S GET RIGHT INTO THE NEWS!
  5. If I'm ever a CEO of a company I couldn't imagine posting 'Dank memes' as a response to relatively serious & reputation damaging accusations. Maybe that's just me?
  6. Another patch? Uggh I keep trying and trying to find love for this game but everytime i feel things 'could work this time' my hopes and dreams get shit on. Yes the game is now ''working'' in some aspects but only because 343 outsourced the patch. Regardless i hope this event runs smooth for you all Best of luck
  7. If you have played Halo:MCC you have most likely seen one of the many GUI crashes/errors that can occur for no specific reason. Well in Halo 5 i experienced one of these GUI bugs and actually i thought it looked rather nice.
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0w-iEeILolA The breakout struggle is real!
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