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  1. I play with the same 14-18 people in a ranked match now
  2. Finally got a chance to play and ran six games. The connection feels fine, the shot registration too, the aiming still feels not like the OG but I've gotten so used to that at this point I've accepted that it wont be changed.. But most importantly man its good to have real ranks and party restrictions in a Halo game again. No more being forced to have a party of four or playing customs to even have a chance of playing a good game.
  3. Almost four years later we're at like 70% fixed after they waited 2.5 to admit the game was broken even though it was obvious since day one. They deserve ZERO praise
  4. I mean it's been four years, and from what I can tell they're behind schedule on whatever they said they were going to do this time. Admittedly I don't read the updates anymore so I could be uninformed but from a results driven aspect... They've done nothing.
  5. Making less H3 playlists wouldn't make more people play H1 or H2

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