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  1. Put a window/tab on Xbox Dashboard when there's an official HCS tournament on. When you select the tab it takes you to the stream. H4 Global Championship did this. Small things like this make a big impact.
  2. "A huge thing that 343 Industries are doing with REQ packs in Halo 5: Guardians is the tie-ins for the Halo Championship Series. Every time somebody purchases a new REQ pack from the Xbox Games Store, a select cut of that will be used for the Halo Championship Series. At the time of the interview, Holmes said that the exact percentages have yet to be finalized but they are continuously discussing it every day. Holmes also said that they have talked about potential skins related to HCS teams such as a skin for OpTic Gaming, Evil Geniuses, etc but nothing is finalized yet and once it has, we will know about it. An idea he mentioned was offering a special skin to the teams who won a championship." ^ no reason for the prize pool to not increase for season 3
  3. Team name: Bleep Bloop BFA GT1: T u S o K a GT2: x A k K i x
  4. H1 Blood Gulch Danger Canyon Sidewinder Ice Fields Death Island All CTF H2 Zanzibar Assault Headlong CTF Containment Assault Terminal CTF Coagulation CTF H3 Avalanche CTF Last Resort Assault Valhalla CTF High Ground CTF Standoff Assault
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