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  1. I'm looking for players to help do achievements "Annual" from H3 & "Deja Vu" from ODST on MCC. Also, I hope to make a team to go after all 5 LASO playlists as well. GT: SpiritHawk7 Region: US East Coast (EST)
  2. It's because Halo developers (343i, Microsoft, & Saber Interactive) are partnering with a Russian Developer called "Innova". From that bit of information I can understand why it would be released in Russia (due to the partnering with a Russian), but what I don't get is the "why Russia only" exclusivity instead of also being brought to US/Canada, that is a mystery. I can only theorize, that maybe it's a test run before it's given to other markets? It doesn't make sense for an American company (I.e. Microsoft) to work with another person who would say, "I want to use your brand (Halo) for my idea & I need you to help me develop it since it's your property, but I only want to make it for my own countrymen, not anyone elses including yours", unless they would eventually get a piece of the action for their own markets later on.
  3. I'm in. Why say no to entering into a free contest?
  4. I can't take even take this list seriously; putting Complex at #23 over Guardian at #28? Nope, Guardian would be in my top 10, with Complex in the last quarter.

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