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  1. Teacher/Student: Student Gamertag: Sneether Games to Learn: Halo CE/Halo 2 Classic/Halo 2 Anniversary Specifics: Callouts,Awareness,Grenades,Communication Timezone: EST, Massachusetts getting a xbox one and MCC for Christmas
  2. If i decide to forge most likely Halo 3 and gonna probably make my maps balanced as I find that to be the one flaw of Halo 3.
  3. Do you think MCC and H5 will bring more younger players to the pro scene ?
  4. Hey, I am looking for a Online Team for MCC, I will be getting an Xbox One and MCC for Christmas my GT is DFB Solaire
  5. Also getting xbox one and MCC for XMas so wait before you add me
  6. Gamertag: DFB Solaire Customs/MM: Both Region: New England
  7. Hopefully GameStops will be doing Midnight releases for it
  8. I am planning on making a Map in Forge it will be based on the gamemode of Jailbreak from Garrys Mod and Counter-Strike Source. Here are the Rules: The Red Team is The Prisoners and must obey the Blue Team who are the guards of the game in the beginning of the game the guards elect a Warden to give orders to the prisoners on which game to play, often these games will result in death for the losing prisoners, these games will be able to be played either with the wardens orders or they can go into the game room to use an object to play a game or for a quicker game play foursqaure in the foursqaure room,At any point in the game the prisoners may choose to rebel by either attacking the guards on sneaking into the armory to get guns to attack the guards later on. the last team standing wins My Early Map plan:
  9. As a Prisoner It gives you a decision of when to strike at the most opportune time when it comes to rebelling, as a guard/warden it is figuring out how to control the prisoners with an iron fist
  10. Still thinking of parts of the map, I was thinking of having an escape cell on one of the cells
  11. Thanks I was considering giving prisoners a melee weapon only while the guards start with ARs to circumvent the halo restrictions of must having a weapon
  12. Signed up for the Singles Ladder for H3
  13. Yes everything in the collection is excellent except for Halo 4, Halo 4 is toliet paper compared to every other halo title
  14. Im gonna play on the Halo 3 Ladder once i get an xbox one for Christmas
  15. the "eSports" Addicts that cling to CE and H2C annoy me, I mean come on there good games but you have no right to tell us what we can and cant play in the collection !
  16. If your going to buy the MCC for just one game then your a idiot and not a true halo fan
  17. I will spend equal time on H3,H2A,and H2C with a little bit of time in Halo CE, I think the games shouldnt divide us, i mean were a Halo community not a Halo 2 or Halo 3 Community, and besides CE Extremists and People playing everything except halo 4 can Agree that Halo 4 Sucks
  18. Well I am not going to only play H3, also gonna play a lot of H2A and H2C also willing to try out CE which seems to be the most loved on the forums right now.
  19. Cant wait to play some Vanhalla,Sandtap,and Longshore
  20. Need to wait until christmas to get an Xbox One and MCC
  21. GT: lunarXmegabite Not getting a xbox one until christmas however

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