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  1. I couldn’t give less of a fuck about halo infinite, but as a fan of good foley I find these videos cool. I at least have confidence the sound will be good in h6.
  2. I like single fire weapons more too, but the fact is that “harder to use” is the same thing as “weaker” in the context of a halo utility weapon. It doesn’t matter if the automags ttk is however many milliseconds faster than the garbage ttk of the BR. It has less bullet magnetism, less aim assist, shorter max range, and has a lower probability of doing damage to an opponent due to being single shot. The issue with halo 3 from the very start has been a weak utility weapon and long drug out kill times. Automag only makes that worse, despite making the shooting more skillful.
  3. I think the automag isn’t really suitable to be a primary starting weapon as it is too weak. Hell, the h3 br is hardly suitable as a starting weapon for also being weak, but at least it’s possible to deal damage at range (even if only for the wrong reasons). I guess in my opinion, a utility weapon that isn’t that can’t easily punish players isn’t a utility weapon.
  4. I play mk too. I made the modded map to match automag settings with br settings and after playing some quick 1v1s with it, I'm torn. I think in a 4v4 the amount of times someone would get away alive would certainly be reduced. It definitely feels more powerful and effective at range, but not by the amount I would have expected. So in that regard, I think you were right. However, regardless of the magnetism settings, 5sk is still hot garbage and I stand by my original comment. Here is the map incase anyone is interested. I think controller players would notice the biggest difference.
  5. Well I agree h3 maps are bad. Are you saying you think recon slayer (as it is right now) plays well in general though? I’m willing to bet the “freedom of movement” you’re describing is a result of no bullet magnetism past 25 feet rather than br spread or burst fire. If I still have the program to mod h3 maps on my pc, I’ll make modded recon slayer map with red reticle range matching the br and put my theory to the test.
  6. I played a few games of recon slayer last night... holy shit this garbage is not fun at all. I am so tired of weak weapons.
  7. Just wait until you realize how much of a disadvantage playing at high fov puts you compared to default fov boomers.
  8. If the kill times weren’t trash it wouldn’t be nearly as big of an issue. Having days to line up a shot is what makes it so OP on m/k.
  9. That sounds annoying af to play if you’re using a controller tbh
  10. There is something seriously weird with shooting in h3. In other games with projectile bullet simulation, it’s possible to really get a sense of how fast the bullet is moving and how much you need to lead your shot. In h3 recon slayer, I have absolutely no idea how much I’m supposed to lead. In apex when I’m shooting I really have a strong sense of how the bullets are traveling in virtual space. In h3, specifically recon slayer, at my best effort all I can do is picture some sort of quantum probability field around my target where some reticle locations tend to hit more often than others.
  11. Well, if you are a fan of the classic games you should probably hope it bombs because if it doesn’t, you can kiss every playlist in mcc besides social goodbye. If you like h1 style gameplay, you know the game is most likely going to be hitscan, have long killtimes where perfect ttk ≈ average ttk, and probably not going to do static weapon/power up spawns again. If you like h2, you know there aren’t going to be any button combos or anything to spice up the gameplay in that regard. If you like h3, you know shooting is either going to be ez mode like h2, or sweaty af and unsatisfying like h5. If you like reach/h4, you aren’t reading this. If you like h5, your thumbs are now irreparably damaged from years of h5s bad aiming mechanics. If you’re a redditor, you can’t choose a primary/secondary color. 343 was trying to give everyone something to love about the game, but ironically they only ended up giving everyone something to hate instead.
  12. 343s face when they notice some aspect of the game hasn't changed in a while:
  13. LOL they also removed primary and secondary colors in place of destiny like shaders and /r/halo is losing their collective shit.
  14. Am I on waypoint? wtf? Because they haven't fixed how poorly it plays, while the people on project cartographer did (and are continuing to do so). Saying it plays poorly is such a huge understatement too. The MCC version of h2 is hot garbage. They didn't fix it or even attempt to fix it. Meanwhile, unpaid people without access to the source code were able to fix h2v and get it to a near ideal state. A quick summary of events to jog your memory. H2 MCC plays really bad and many people stop playing after nothing gets fixed for years and its clear 343 don't intend on fixing it Fast forward a few more years without any fixes The h2 hardcore playlist has significant population decline caused by the game being trash, in addition to normal population decline that all games have Cartographer fixes 95% of the issues plaguing MCC A percentage of the most active players in the h2 hardcore got tired of playing the bad version of the game and switched to cartographer Given that this percentage of players was the most active, the impact of them switching to cartographer had a disproportionate effect on the number of people searching the h2 hardcore playlist at any given time This increased search queue times to the point that finding a match is not guaranteed in ~5 minutes or fewer More and more people start to view the playlist as dead and don't bother trying to search for games and instead find games in casual in 15 seconds 343 are the only ones who could have done anything about the first 3 bullet points, but they chose not to. Thus, it is 343's fault.
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