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  1. If politics starts becoming a thing on here I'm going to shitpost on here all day pages and pages of shitposts
  2. Well it is raw input, so I don't know what to tell you lol. And the menu system is only set up for 1-10 so I'm really not sure how I can change this. Would a text file with mouse_sensitivity_vertical, mouse_sensitivity_horizontal work? Also, you know raw mouse input isn't enabled by default, right? You have to turn it on.
  3. How would you like to customize it? Like what’s the issue you’re facing? e: I made the raw mouse input. I’ve heard a few people complain about it, but nobody could actually explain what the issue is.
  4. Hi lads. Before MCC drops on PC, you should all stop by on project cartographer to get used to playing halo on m/k. We added raw mouse input so the aiming feels really nice.
  5. I don’t remember seeing a single post about controller vibration on here during the h5 beta. Literally 50% of people on here trashing the game outright, and the other 50% saying it was going to be great we just need to give it a chance. (It’s trash btw)
  6. No I meant there is no sense in arguing about it because it is not a big deal either way. They could completely remove it from the game forever, or force everyone to use it and it wouldn’t make a difference. It’s just not important at all.
  7. ... that’s not what I was trying to say my dude lol
  8. Holy shit lmao there is NOTHING more irrelevant to halo in its current state than controller vibration.
  9. I have never seen this before in my entire life. There are boats in h3?...
  10. Wtf I wrote out a long ass reply and then go to post it and get redirected to a cloud flare captcha and then my post is gone. Second time this has happened to me
  11. Goddamn that was good hahaha I wrote out a big response to this which is now gone. In return, I will simply reply yuh-huh. Pwnd
  12. Just some quick facts: People love the Halo 3 BR because they continually think they are polishing their shot leading skills when in reality they are at the mercy of a random number generator. Halo 3s popularity does not change the fact that at its core, it is a watered down Halo 2 with less individual skill. The majority of the people who love halo 3 were in their early to mid teens when it came out and mistake the overall good time period of gaming for competitive merit in their favorite video game. The reason why there were no teams that dominated h3 overall like there were in h2 or h1 is because of the aforementioned randomness of the game, not because “da skillz pool gots larger!!1!!1!1” Halo 3 is competitive in the exact same sense that arm wrestling is competitive. Halo 3 has done more to fracture the fanbase than reach and h4 combined. This has been hootspa with your daily dose of uncomfortable truth. Signing out!
  13. Stock. I know mlg settings are 110% and I didn’t think to test that when I did a few years ago, but that raises its own issues. If I’m doing the math correctly, 110% damage output means the 11th bullet should kill rather than the 12th. This makes it more consistent, as 1 bullet can be missed due to spread now, but that will just push the effective rage out by some factor. The issue still remains that past the “consistent” range, the outcome between two equally skilled players will literally be a coin toss.

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