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  1. Absolutely this. I was going to point out that it’s funny because garbage tier halo fans on Reddit and waypoint obviously DONT hate fast kill times because who loves SWAT more than really bad players. There’s a sweet spot for perfect vs average killtimes and they hate THAT particular spot because that is where no matter what they do they can’t get a kill vs a better opponent and will always get outplayed.
  2. Did you seriously just have a decent opinion? wtf is happening
  3. I was gearing up for AR Sidekick starts in competitive so clearly what we got was an improvement compared to that. I don’t expect it to be great by any stretch of the imagination though. Probably like 40% worse than splitgate, but no portals which is a good thing. I think most of the reactions here are because of how much worse it could have been.
  4. On second thought, I don’t think this game will be especially popular. It won’t be DOA and will probably blow h5 out of the water in all regards, but I don’t expect it to revitalize halo in any large way. It will probably pull in a good number of the existing fans who enjoy long kill times and team shot, but I don’t think that formula will do too well at getting new fans considering that in most popular games right now, the individual has significantly more power. IMO, it will be a game that is watched more than it is played.
  5. H2 had shitty hitreg which to me made it feel harder than it really was. Tbh though I don’t remember what the BR feels like in OG H2 on the Xbox, only MCC and vista. Vista actually had a bit of nuance to it because aiming at the head wouldn’t always register, you would have to “lead” your shot a very specific amount to get them to connect reliably. It was just really annoying because it wasn’t consistent.
  6. Ok this game will be popular if these are the actual competitive settings. DOA cancelled
  7. This. But instead of, “The rest of you losers”, it should say, “Midwit consumers incapable of critical thought”.
  8. Not what I asked. Post your gameplay or else ur trash at halo confirmed. Also I only played maybe 6 games of infinite matchmaking during the flight and I don’t think my K/D was below 4 for any of them. The game is absolutely fucking boring. I would give anything to be a smoothbrain that could find enjoyment in that tho.
  9. Have you ever posted gameplay footage? I would love to analyze your high tier strats so I can become a player up to your level some day.
  10. Also, every post you find talking about that question invokes population BECAUSE in common language, when someone says a game is dead they are referring to the things @RatherSilentMr just mentioned. Then you have a bunch of “UM ACKSHULLY” types writing those articles to debunk the idea that the game is really dead. The fact those articles exist and all reference population is ironically just proof that when most people talk about a game being dead, they aren’t talking about population size at all.
  11. I’ve seen people make the same arguments you are making before. Nobody was under the impression that you couldn’t find games in matchmaking. We’re really not even in disagreement since you just don’t like my word choice. Let me add a disclaimer to my statement to avoid any further conflict: Every halo since h4 has been DOA*. *DISCLAIMER: THIS IS MY SUBJECTIVE OPINION AND SHOULD NOT BE INTERPRETED AS THE ASSERTION THAT THE POPULATION OF THE GAMES IS 0. WHILE IT IS POSSIBLE TO FIND MATCHES IN THESE GAMES, MYSELF AND MANY OTHERS CONSIDER THESE GAMES DEAD SINCE ABSOLUTELY NOBODY GIVES A FUCK ABOUT THEM OUTSIDE OF AN EVER SHRINKING HANDFUL OF CONTENT CREATORS WHO GAIN FINANCIALLY BY CREATING CLIPS FOR NOSTALGIA BROS WHO DON’T ACTUALLY PLAY THE GAMES.
  12. Have you played warzone? I know it’s not for everyone but I started playing it when the infinite flight was going on because I got bored of infinite after like 3 rounds of matchmaking, and I really like it. I’ve never played a COD game before and had all sorts of negative ideas about it, but I gotta say I’ve enjoyed it quite a bit. Sniping feels rewarding which I really wasn’t expecting. Idk just a thought if you’re looking for other games
  13. Umm ackshully I have a higher reputation here on beyond so I am right and that’s not up for debate
  14. I love the accusation that I’m backpedaling because I wasn’t operating under some extremely specific definition of what it means for a game to be “dead” lol. It’s such a stupid straw man argument that nobody ever made. If your goldfish ever dies, post on here to tell us. I’ll make you feel better by reminding you he’s not really dead since some of its cells are probably still alive. After all, if some aspect of it isn’t dead, it must be alive right :-)
  15. You quoted the wrong post. Here’s the one you were looking for:
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