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  1. Agree, but the lighting can be a bit hard to deal with at times on some of the social maps
  2. Ok, I’ve been grinding h3 hardcore now that the patch is out and I can find matches quickly and my opinion of h3 has changed a bit. H3 is just a less mechanical h2 with slightly deeper aiming skill and worse weapons and a bit less individual skill (not including sniper). My impressions from mcc h3 back in the 2015 with its 70fov and piss-poor shotreg didn’t do it justice. They’re not as different as I thought. Teamshot style halo is still boring af though.
  3. I have been getting constant back to back games in h3 team hardcore. So much better than casual mode
  4. I mean I used to be a competitive h2 player so I’m no stranger to getting cross-mapped. I’m saying that people are literally running everywhere in at least 2s or 3s, which still happened before but not nearly as much as now. I have been grinding h3 for like two weeks now and the change is very very obvious. Which is why I said it’s probably that better players who are more coordinated are online now that the fix is live. I know they were waiting for it. My issue is that these players really accentuate what I don’t like about the later halo games, which is why I am complaining about the BR feeling weaker. Fuck
  5. Guess I’m just on a really teamshot centric 20 game streak since the update. Weird
  6. As I explained in my other post, before this patch people were playing more individually, so there were more opportunities for 1 on 1 battles. Since this update, I have played maybe 1 game total where anyone was doing anything on their own. Like I said it’s probably just that better people are playing, but since I’m not going to try to run around and teamshot people it feels like I’m spawning with 1/2 a utility weapon. Edit: also the sniper still gets blood shots so it really is like OG
  7. That’s my point. Team Br is not fun at all so I have tried to avoid it as much as possible. With this new update it is harder than ever to get a kill without relying on teamshot. Thus, paradoxically the BR feels weaker than ever for me. Yeah if I cared I would get 3 other people to play and call out and all teamshot and we would totally pwn n00bs epic style, but that type of gameplay is BORING. I wasn’t expecting such a noticeable change in play style immediately after updating. Its got to be that the hardcore h3 fans jumped on as soon as the fix dropped.
  8. Just got done playing like 15 games of h3 with the hitreg fix. The shot reg is officially pretty good, but for some reason it feels like the game is even MORE teamshot centric than it was before. Maybe its simply that better players were online because the fix just dropped but in every game the enemies were running around in pairs of twos, or even 3 and occasionally all 4. The number of instances where I could fight someone without having 2+ people shooting at me seems to have dropped significantly. All this to say, it’s still halo 3...
  9. I mean, they’re competing in games that are nothing like the original game. I will concede that the pros are much more knowledgeable about the intimate details of teamshot BR style halo. However, I’m not interested in that type of gameplay what-so-ever (and neither are they btw), so I’ll just continue valuing my own opinions over what they have to say about whichever trendy game is making them money at that moment.
  10. Woah this is amazing. I had no idea this event happened. I got worried that the h1 format wouldn’t be able to be casted well, but now I realize it’s probably just because I could NEVER be a caster haha
  11. Has anyone ever casted a high level game of halo 1? If so, how did it go? I’m really wondering if it would even be possible to cast it effectively as everything happens so fast.
  12. Not to attack snakebite or anything, but even at 1.75x speed this is hard to watch. He speaks for roughly 10 minutes to explain the idea that the game you had the most fun with isn't automatically the best game - that one game isn't better they're all just different. I feel enlightened after hearing such deep wisdom. His arguments were often very flimsy too. "In the older halos u just move so slow!" Ahh yes, that must be why CS:GO and Valorant are such commercial failures.. Oh wait... "Halo 3 is boring to watch": I actually agree, but there is a reason it is boring to watch and that reason isn't nostalgia. It's the shit utility weapon, shit sandbox, and shit maps that people have called out for being shit since the game released. The icing on the cake for me is after he says that h5 is his favorite, he admits he is bored of it cause it's 5 years old and he wants to play something new. "Thrust pack OLD and BORING. Grapple hook NEW and FUN." - Snakebite 2021
  13. I’ve been playing a lot oh h3 lately and I don’t understand wtf bungie was thinking when designing equipment. It’s hot garbage. An already slow game does not need artificially induced stalemates on a respawning timer. Do normies even like playing with that shit? It adds absolutely NOTHING to the game. Hats off to 343 btw by making sure the only playlist I can find matches in has equipment turned on in trash maps. Playing h3 also has me thinking about sandbox design a lot. I cannot stress enough how bad h3s sandbox is. Whoever was responsible for that shit should be fired from their current job, that’s how bad it is.
  14. Pris is and always will be my favorite h1 map. Also I noticed last night that quake live is only $2 on steam so I downloaded it and played a few games. It’s a huge breath of fresh air compared to h2 onward. That being said, I’m still not convinced it’s the chess to h1s checkers. Sure the shooting mechanics have infinitely more depth, but I don’t believe that’s where the skill lies In h1. My opinion may change as I play more games and get to know more about the game.
  15. It’s a high number which is also a multiple of 24 (which is what almost all movies are shot at).
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