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  1. I’m about to have a gamer moment if the civility in this thread doesn’t increase rapidly
  2. They should work on nothing but 2v2 settings. If there’s even the ability for more than 4 people to join a lobby I will not be buying the game
  3. >halo infinite pro mod would be fun Halo 6 Final... I’m on it (This is a joke)
  4. Me in 2027: If you like the grapple hook you can always go back and play halo infinite smug_pepe.jpg
  5. Mcc br just feels like shit on m/k. At least for h2. I don’t have any complaints about how it feels in h3
  6. What an ugly fucking game lol
  7. Lmao I’m just imagining the overly processed h4 announcer being like, “Walk Forward!”, “Strafe Right!”, “Jump!”, “Switched Weapons!”, literally every time you press a button
  8. I think the problem with halo is there aren’t enough opportunities for your enemies to get themselves into random and unpredictable positions on the map. That’s why I like sprint and the grappling hook.
  9. Has anyone analyzed the footage enough to be able to determine if any of the precision weapons are projectile based or is it safe to assume they are hitscan?
  10. As much as they talk about making a game that is refreshing for new players and old, it sure does look like just another rehash of the same tired formula that has underperformed for the last 10 years. IDK it looks fine I just really don't care. Visually it looks great though
  11. Bruh this guy saying you cant have an opinion until you have 1k hours in each of the campaigns. I'm not really a campaign sort of guy, but to me that's like saying "unless you've spent 1 thousand hours in each of the games menus, you don't get to have an opinion on which is the best". I'll keep listening to what he has to say, but that is so pretentious lol
  12. I’ve been playing h3 a bit lately and it’s sort of fun but there are so many times where I don’t even bother shooting at people who are standing out in the open because there is no chance my BR will be able to kill them before they can get to cover. It reminds me of h2 middy FFAs in the sense that doing well is almost entirely about being able to clean up other peoples kills. I do like that more h3 maps have power weapons and power ups on them, but since spawns timers aren’t static you basically have to rely on luck and hope the weapon will appear when you’re near the spawn.
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