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  1. Single Elimination is all about how you are placed in the bracket. CLG for sure deserves to be in the finals. But I could have seen Denial or EG in their too over Allegiance and when you are talking $75K to $250K difference in money I think double elimination needs to be considered. That could make or break a team from players retiring and expanding the life of Halo 5.
  2. Are their any bubble teams (games to watch) or 2-0 vs 2-0 today?
  3. Clears it up. Thanks, I didnt know they were drawing at random. Really surprised it isn't double elimination.
  4. ^ if this is correct order you will be with EG and TL. EU 1 (4-5 US) EU 2 (3-6 US) EU 3 (2-7 US) EU 4 (1-8 US) My guess...
  5. I feel like Denial can only get better. Young players and Huke just started playing. And I really wanted to see Mikwen make it in to worlds.
  6. Is the Championship pool play? four pools of four. 1. USA 2. USA 3. Europe 4. (Asia, Australia, or Latin America) ???
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