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  1. Ah, sorry bro. I used to game H1 with PaCMaYNe, BoO, and the gang, but I prefer Halo 2 when I get the chance. Keep in touch if you need an extra for H2.
  2. Your download and upload speeds are very good. Try these in sequential order: 1. Plug your Xbox directly into the router, then try again. 2. If doesn't help, plug Xbox directly into the modem itself. Just test a few games out to see if it resolves the issue. 3. Power-cycle the modem and router. (Turn off/on, but Google this before doing it to get the best results) Let me know if this doesn't help.
  3. Awesome! Can't you just press the buttons on the bottom or side of the LCD screen for options? If the issue persists, then reply with the make and exact model name/number of your monitor, and I'll try to investigate further for you. Best of luck my friend.
  4. I'm just giving my personal input. I wouldp refer higher-end headphones that come with 7.1 Surround Sound. Most headphones of around $100-$200 range do this. You can hear footsteps behind you which really matter in some situations. The sense of sound being right to your ears helps me focus more. Just my two cents.
  5. Lotto is correct. Yes, this monitor will work just fine.
  6. I don't believe the issue is with your wires. It sounds to me like software is the problem. Check your audio settings on the monitor. Put the trebble, bass, and all other audio to full max. See what happens. Let me know!
  7. TriV3uhM

    Need advice

    I would suggest that you sell your Xbox 360 for what it's worth, then save up for the Xbox One. I believe it is confirmed by Microsoft that the 360 will no longer be apart of Xbox Live in about three years from now. You might as well invest in the future. I hope to see you on the other side!
  8. I'm a local old school gamer. I used to host LAN parties during my High School days. So much fun that I'm willing to dish out $500 for one damn game. Haha. <3. I will host something at my place on the release weekend of H2A. I'm not sure enough people in Georgia will come for a LAN tourney, but let's just get 3-4 of us serious gamers, and beast in Matchmaking or something? When: November, 14th, 2014 - November 16th, 2014 Where: Loganville, GA 30052. Large house. Quiet, safe suburb. What: Let's set up monitors side-by-side and do 4v4 Matchmaking on H2A. Bring: Espresso, coffee, energy drinks; We'll order in pizza. Who says they are coming: Reply to this thread, and i'll add you here. We will follow up on specifics as date gets closer. Please use this layout in your reply if you plan on coming: 1. What date/time do you expect to reach my house? 2. How long do you want to stay over? Staying the night? 3. Bringing any drinks? 4. Bringing any friends? If so, how many? 5. Contact information of any way? PM me a number to text if you can.
  9. Ah, the memories. For those of you who may not know Havok... this guy is known to be a beast. Welcome to the site, and please keep in touch!
  10. Goldenboy, I want to thank you for the videos. Awesome commentary!
  11. I love the site. Good job! Feel free to msg me if you need help with phpMyAdmin, mySQL, and any other coding for the site. I'd be more than happy to volunteer my work for this awesome community.
  12. Hey what's up all. I just found out about this forum. I'm also from Atlanta. I live in Gwinnett and I've got my own place. I'd be willing to host LAN parties, but you guys have to bring your own monitors and xbox's. My place has enough space for quite a few of us. I'm about 20 minutes from Conyers. Regardless of LAN parties, add me anyway, I'm looking for some serious and competitive team of 4 to beast Matchmaking with once H2A is released the very night.
  13. Hey, I haven't really played Halo since Halo 2. I decided to buy an Xbox One and start back with H2A the night it is released. I am more interested in 4v4 and 2v2 with serious players with mic's and call outs. I'm here on the forum to find people like me. I will be obsessed and will be playing for hours everyday. If this sounds like you as well, then please add me, or just reply here, so we can have a solid team going into MM. Add me! Thanks guys, Triv
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