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  1. great suggestion never even thought about that, I would be completely on board with that.
  2. not what i said at all, However its possible to get the most points in a game by dying 28 times and getting 16 kills with an AR, I just want the slow paced people like me that try to drop 10 kills in a slayer but only 7 deaths get rewarded instead of penalized. PS if you were being sarcastic, I apologize, internet, hard to pick up on it.
  3. CSR is broken for individual playlists, I can't stand it any longer. I play a very very passive style of halo I need to play slowly to succeed MOST of the time sometimes when your in the zone of course I dont need to. I feel as if this CSR system punishes me because I like to play slow and calm and collected. Over the past few days I havent had many friends on to game with so I'm going hard in infinity slayer for the hell of it which is frustrating enough as it is. In order to get the most points I have to run around like an idiot and challenge EVERYTHING because thats what noobs do and this system currently rewards noobs (in individual playlists) I went +7 earlier with 7 assists on simplex and went down a CSR rank because my teammate who went -8 and 12 assists had more points. NOTE I love halo and I am not rank obsessive, its just something to work for in my freetime when I dont have 4 to run throwdown with etc. Please dont half ass a rank system and try to serve it as the main course #changesforH5
  4. what was SQ running with for a roster?
  5. not hating on you bro just curious why you are declaring yourself a semi pro? I see you played at nashville but did you finish in the top 8? if so conggratz
  6. If its means anything pulling for you guys at Knox. You have immensely gained respect from me personally over the last few days reading your posts etc and just seeing how quickly others get better playing around you.
  7. People be all like "naded isn't that good" until he smacks classic with his pimp stick. #warnaded
  8. Is positioning in your opinion what makes pros pro? Or is there an actualy factor to your shot etc. Ps its scaring me because you look just like one of my friends from high school will show u when i get a chance its creepy.
  9. it truely is frightning how good this warriors squad has been playing, its not there slaying power its that they refuse to not make smart decisions. If they keep this up i think they could break top 3 at Knox. they just lost S9 Ext to Ninja and crew 5-2 but it was razor close a lot of great pushes.
  10. Warriors is up 2-0 on Ninja-Cloud-Legit-Maniac Naded had +9 on skyline flag, Ryan went HAM with snipe on haven TS 50-32 Ryan went +11 Goofy +5
  11. granted royal 2 and sbite havent played much but i think he forgot u guys 7-0'd SQ the other night :P
  12. wants to repopulate a game....announces it 1 day before. Bad guy beyond poster.
  13. Top 8 at best which is kinda sad considering there blowing money to attend, play for 1st trey
  14. pure picks up munoz, aka a 7th/8th team
  15. good lord that is embrassing for SQ. Great job by warriors
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