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  1. We have now had more Halo games with sprint than without (excluding ODST) 1/2/3 vs Reach/4/5/Infinite. We may not like it, but Halo hasn't been without sprint since I was in high school. I'm 30 now lol I think it's time to give it up.
  2. I personally liked what I saw. Grappling the guns is a fun dynamic that will create a skill gap and it also appears there is no Flagnum nor evade from what I can tell.
  3. Random question, but on Steam it says MCC is $40 (which makes sense) and says it includes all the titles. Yet when I go to Reach's page to purchase just that, it says "Downloadable Content - This content requires the base game Halo: MCC on Steam to play". Surely that's gotta be an error right? Why would you need to buy MCC which includes Reach just to purchase Reach again.
  4. Okay, northeastern and isn't G4G 2v2. Atlanta is a 16 hour drive from northern NY compared to a 9 hour drive to G4G.
  5. I would kill for an east coast event. Seems like most open events (CoD, Halo) these days are central and west coast. Gimme Columbus.
  6. My favorite part of all of this is that they pumped out H2A and want everyone to "relive the saga" with all the campaigns and whatnot. Well, if H2A is your first Halo and Halo 5 is your second, my god the difference is going to be night and day. I think Halo needs to evolve to continue to grow, BUT I don't think it's with sprint. That's arguably the worst thing that has ever been put into Halo. Why? Because us as fans - that's not what the "lore" is. Master Chief didn't need to sprint in CE, or H2, or H3. Now look at this, once Halo 5 comes out we will have just as many games with sprint as without. It's a complete joke. Everything that we were taught about Halo was thrown out the window. The no hitmarkers, no sprint, no AA, no bloom, none of that. Then - with one game - they took all of those sacred things that we had (well didn't have, but you get my point) and crushed them up, changing Halo forever. Bungie screwed Halo. There's no way they can EVER go back to no sprint. All those 14, 15, 16 year old kids that have only played Reach or Halo 4, that's what THEY expect to see now. Halo is almost a failure because of its own success. You've gotta change something to keep a game fresh like CoD, but they CAN do it because they aren't linked to one "universe" like Halo. Take AW, awesome game, but Black Ops 3 will probably be nothing like it and CoD can get away with it. Halo, its all about that one game and if you split up the community too much, people lose interest and start to fall further and further away. I will say this, Halo has a little bit of life from the amount of hype MCC has brought. But how many times do you put your hand on the stove and get burned before you realize what you're doing. That's what I feel like with 343 and it sucks. I've been burned too many times to continue and give false hope and then wait three years for a new Halo and hope it's good. Shit, none of us are getting younger.
  7. So there's pretty much no point of having a cursor then is there.
  8. Really excited for Halo to be back in the upswing. After the travesty that was Reach, Halo 4 did no favors in the way of improving itself in my eyes. Now, we're going back to the roots of competitive console FPS. I'm really interested to see what playlists they decide to go with on launch night. While I'm hoping for a team hardcore in Halo 2 Classic, I won't be that bummed out since viable and competitive customs will be rumbling around. I also read somewhere that you could turn off those awful Halo 4 medals for the classic ones - does anyone know if this is true? And I wonder if they will actually put in Killtac over Overkill.
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