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  1. Looking for a partner for the IG 2v2 on the 19th (this Thursday). Hit me up: GS Faden
  2. GS Faden MM and Customs ( Also looking for CE 2v2 partner for IG tournament on 2-19! ) US - Austin, TX
  3. Hey guys, I'm looking for a competitive minded person for the Iron Gaming CE 2v2 tournament on Feb 19th. That's this coming Thursday. I use timers and know a few strategies for the comp maps. I need someone that's at least decent and willing to enter in this tournament this Thursday. It's a $5 entry fee per person. Let me know and we can start running some games in MM to prepare. My GT is below. GS FadeN
  4. Happy to see Warlock/Wizard being remade. I made this account to comment about some of your concerns/pokes that H2A will have it's population "dissolve" only months after it's release. Halo history has shown the opposite. For those that didn't play Halo 2 multiplayer, you really missed out on the golden era. I'm happy that many of you will be able to play it in most of it's original glory. My point is this though: Halo 2 never had a problem with population, even after the release of Halo 3. Did the population lessen? Sure, with any game that will happen. But, thousands of players were still around long after Halo 3 started to become a joke. It was only when Microsoft forcibly removed players from Halo 2 and took away the servers that the population completely died. It was not a player's decision, but a sales strategy to force the last few thousand into a game they didn't want to play. Halo 3 and beyond gave players a new style of Halo that didn't resonate with the community at large. It's no surprise that people jumped ship at that point. I sure did.

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