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  1. There needs to be more content to grow the scene. The only video that came out this week that get me hyped for the tournament was the orge montage.
  2. I think with 343 fixing mcc. Halo 6 will have sprint, thrust, and 343 will say if you want to play a classic halo game go play mcc.
  3. I guess I was asking if oddball will be played this weekend for the 2k?
  4. So is oddball in? Ambush and optic are the only ones that played it last night
  5. Why does 343 think that giving people a season emblem is a such a big deal. The people still playing the game are going to keeping playing. The people that are not playing, are not going to come back for some shitty emblem
  6. Does anyone know what size the update is? Just wondering if we get to 100gb?
  7. I think it is funny everybody was mad at mikwin for taking huke frome e6 but it was snipedown. dan
  8. I don't like how u don't take any damage when the bomb goes off.
  9. I think we don't have oddball/k.o.t.h cuz there is some games where it is impossible for the losing team to come back. But with strongholds the losing team can always make a come back.
  10. dank tea U should be happy you missed it. The clock sometimes would not count when someone was in the hill in mcc
  11. Played 15 games of arena have not got the new map. this is odd
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