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  1. Hello I'm starting a junior team for Falling Esports but they want all Canadian players Requirements be under 18 play consistently or as much as possible provide me a schedule so we can set practice times MUST BE COMMITTED Also well be doing a lot of online tourneys Add me on xbox Colossify if interested
  2. Requirements Age 15-25 Must have mic or skype Play 5 hours a day in the evenings to night Atleast Onyx HMU GT Revenity Twitter Revenity
  3. Hello I'm Revenity or Nathan. I'm 16 years old and looking For a LONG TERM competitive team. That will not disband after a couple losses. I believe I have what it takes to become top 16 player in the upcoming future just give me the chance to prove it GT Revenity
  4. Requirements Age 15+ Revenity is 15 16 in 5 days l LucKeS is 28 l A Fuzzy Bunny is 21 Were All Canadian prefer Canadians, but will take Americans Well talk about schedules after you hit me up I'm CST and they're EST Also Minimum Onyx in Arena there's also exceptions if your placed lower just need to prove your skill Must Have mic and use it Must Know Callouts We are Coming up with Team Name so you can have input As well we play everyday GT Revenity Also Teammates Gt LuckeS GT A Fuzzy Bunny
  5. Hello I'm Revenity Captain of Jinx Online, we are a team for Gigaton, we are a online tourney team, we are planning to go to LAN in the future as well but as in right now were just an online team looking to play tourneys online, Were looking for people that play from 4:45pm CST to 12pm CST if you play in between these hours your welcome but there is requirements has to be at least 4-6 hours, must have a mic. HMU on Either GT Revenity Twiiter Revenity
  6. Me and my friend are looking for people who play everyday, from 4:45 to 12-2am est, we are extremely dedicated, please be good or decent add or msg Revenity or RedBlurrrr
  7. GT Revenity Age 15 Time zone CST Country/City Canada, Winnipeg I'm dedicated person, I'm willing to put 4-8 hours on weekdays, weekends whenever I wake up till like 2-4 am I'm willing to take criticism and learn from my mistakes and criticism. Preferably id like a Canadian team, but ill honestly join any team. :halo: You can also Contact me @Revenity on Twitter Or My GT
  8. Winnipeg GT Revenity add me
  9. eam Name: This is our time Winner: This is Our Time Round Number: 2 Score: 2 - 0 (Best of 3 games) Other teams didnt play or show.
  10. eam Name: This is Our TIme Winner: This is Our Time Round Number: 1 Score: 2 - 0 (Best of 3 games) they didnt show i added both they're both offline and silver
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