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  1. 5 hours ago, Buffdaddy Jamal said:


    Sargon video. Don't even have to break this down lol


    2 hours ago, akaWest said:


    Breaking: Republican outraged 78 year old man with 2.5 million dollar net worth who is the poorest senator of the united states and hasnt taken a single bribe having 3 houses, but not billionaires who altar your life in every way imaginable. Millenials are impressionable somehow but imagine how much of a fucking dumbass you have to be to willingly donate money to a billionaire when he can afford his whole campaign no problem lol, but ah yes millenials are the only impressionable ones.

  2. 1 hour ago, Rick said:

    The thought that there are people who actually thinks that Bernie stands a chance against President Trump makes me sad that there are not more requirements to vote.


    As far as the tweet that President Trump posted, I'm glad that you agree with him that Bernie is a radical leftists, do nothing Democrat.

    Dude is petrified of Bernard Sanders, and it's hilarious. So much for being an alpha male. Not even including him in tweets, oh my goodness :laughing:. I know deep down inside Pickle Rick that bothers you as well, but I'll let that insecurity slide.

    As for your 2nd sentence, here comes "gotcha" andy. Funny how you laugh at NPC's but really wanted me to act like one I guess and sit there and say "oh here I also refute trump saying democrats are do nothing, as well as bernie being radical" fuck out of here dude I'm pretty sure you know my stance on the political spectrum and can put 2 and 2 together, even for you.

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  3. 34 minutes ago, Buffdaddy Jamal said:

    Lmao yall still mad sanders sold out in 2016. He was never a serious candidate and his job was always to gin up millennial votes for hillary.

    Never a serious candidate, but if he beats trump lol. We’ll see if the DNC allows that.

    New York Times and now Hillary scared shitless about him actually winning, more establishment pushback soon to follow

    I literally said this a few days ago, they are going to fight Bernie until the bitter end because unlike trump, he will not give in to corporations or big money interests.

  4. 19 minutes ago, Brad Pitt said:

    I don't want to subsidize other people's health issues or be forced into paying for healthcare that I don't want and don't use. I also don't want to pay for other's college tuition. Trump 2020.

    Then why do you do so for police and firefighter services

    New slogan: "Firefighters, for those who want it".

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  5. 1 hour ago, Cypress said:

    Overhead costs, such as healthcare, are integrated into my firms design fees, so no my employer is not screwing me over.   

    my max out of pocket / deductible is I think around $5,500 per year.   Ive met that once in the past 13 years for an ACL surgery.   my co-pay for primary care is $35 and for a specialist, it’s $35. 

    It’s easy to be a bernie supporter when you’re not the one getting buttfucked financially.  

    That's a high deductable. Again, luckily for you...you didn't need to meet that deductable yearly. However, for someone with diabetes or any myraid of health issues, that would become expensive quick.


    But here’s the funny thing: though these two analyses came from economists from opposite ends of the political spectrum, they shared a similar finding: single-payer would reduce our nation’s healthcare spending bill by trillions of dollars over a decade (around $2tn and $5tn, respectively).

    Saving money. Psh. I don't want big gooberment.


  6. 25 minutes ago, GeneralBeatDown said:

    You just called him a dumbfuck for not thinking his premium would disappear. But now the premium doesnt mean anything? Bernie math is confusing.

    Yes, because I can pay 50 bucks a month for health insurance and complain about these taxes. However, what difference does that make if the deductible and out of pocket is astronomical? You really want to hedge your bets on your own health? You can be a gigantic jackass now about it until someday (hopefully not) you go to the hospital and get put through the ringer of medical debt. The number one reason in bankruptcy, btw, to own the libs. 

    I said premiums, deductibles, out of pocket maximums, would all disappear. There would be no more games played to milk every penny out of you in the event that you would get sick. People really don't know how fucked you get until you actually visit a hospital, or get sick. So many things get seperatelly billed, some things the insurance doesn't cover, even when they do they purposefully make it insanely difficult because in their eyes a certain percentage of people won't fight it, which means they profit harder, etc.

  7. 10 minutes ago, Cypress said:

    yeah... employer provided.

    You dont think your employer is currently screwing you on some pay to make that possible, right? Copayment? Deductible? Out of Pocket Max? Is it an HMO or PPO?

    All those matter. What you pay currently in your premium doesn't really mean anything.

  8. 1 minute ago, Cypress said:

    I pay $1200 / year for healthcare.  So under Bernie, I'd be paying $18,500 for $1,200 worth of coverage when you factor in my new tax bracket right?

    Why would I vote for that?

    Do you get insurance from your work? 

  9. 49 minutes ago, Cypress said:

    80 billion is couch coins compared to the 60-97 trillion bern dawg is proposing.  Obviously there's a slight difference here.  Shit, we've spent 6 trillion in the M.E. since 2001 (I agree its a waste but still peanuts in comparison).   There's really nothing relatable in modern day politics to what Bernie wants to spend, so obviously people are going to ask the question "how do you intend to pay for it".

    the UK, Canada, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, etc.are doing just fine. You dumbfucks pretend that with these higher taxes your current shit fucking premium you're currently paying wouldn't disappear. You're literally complaining about cutting out the middleman and saving money.

    Out of pocket, copayments, gone.

    So do the math, sure this healthcare would cost x trillion. MINUS the trillions you'd be saving paying your premium. The net gain is saving money end of story, cutting out the middleman, not paying absurd copayments, and fighting the insurance company tooth and nail to get shit covered.

    The same goes with schooling. Whats better, getting taxed and it's worry free essentially just like your preschool-senior year of highschool days or taking out a loan for hundreds of thousands of dollars at 6-10% that you'll be paying for years on end?

    You can still go to a private school if you want and pay out of the ass, it is your choice. But education and your health shouldn't be put on the auction block for everyone to profit off of.

  10. 40 minutes ago, akaWest said:

    Nobody is paying for it, the government is simply taking 1.5T less from taxpayers. 

    I really don't think you understand how this works. Also, please explain to me who's going to pay for all these wars, all these hikes on military spending. Seems like only ass-devistation happens when American people actually want things that matter and would benefit everyone greatly.

  11. 7 hours ago, akaWest said:

    Trump didn't raise taxes, he lowered them. Imagine being a small/medium size business owner and Bernie is elected...


    Who paid for the 1.5T tax break which 83% of it went to the 1%...

    Socialism is only ok if the rich benefit the most!

  12. How did trump pay for the 80 billion military budget hike? Oh for war and military no one ever asks -- but if it's something that benefits the american people that's when going full r*tard is allowed to ask who's going to pay for it.

  13. Omg Bernie put rape in his article he wrote, I better be a simpleton about this instead of actually using critical thinking skills to figure out what the point of the article was —irregardless if it landed or it didn’t.

    He put it there, you see! That big R word! Man bad! *slams club on ground repeatedly* 


  14. 4 hours ago, Cursed Lemon said:

    It's probably the same correlation as Republicans who are poor as shit voting for Republican policies that keep them poor as shit.

    *billionaires screwing with the laws to make average americans poorer*

    "Well they earned it. They are the elite class. I love them."

  15. 46 minutes ago, Cursed Lemon said:

    Warren pulled a dirty shot on Bernie. "Yes, he did say that, but I'm going to be the bigger person and not talk about it any further, we need unity!" That is top-tier political shit slinging and it's honestly staggering coming from her, thought not in any way that's going to help her.

    Also, Trump just hired Eppstein's lawyers for the impeachment. lel

    On top of being backpocketed by CNN as well. They just treated it as 100% fact when Bernies message has been consistent and clean for over 30 YEARS. Decades ago he said women could win the presidency. He even told Warren to run in 2015. Truly sounds like a sexist man saying a woman could never win! /s

    I just can't believe it. To manufacure a lie like that and think you can get away with it vs. one of the lone canidates that there's just no way he said that. Period. And it's sad, because there will be instances now where there will be some sexist asshole who thinks that's the case but will point to the Warren vs Bernie debacle and get away with it. It's sickening.

    She just hoped it would stick. It was her hail mary because she was slipping in the polls knowing she was Aldi-brand Bernie since the beginning. She had to do something, and since they couldn't attack Bernie's voting record or past they did a calculated attack wiith a fabricated lie which well, no one buys unless you're A. a Warren stan or B. a fucking idiot.


    Lastly, side note -- it's just hilarious that both the DNC, and Trump, are worried about Bernie getting the nominee.

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  16. 13 minutes ago, gporter said:

    Biden has a better chance of beating Trump than Bernie. Sanders leans too far to the left to get his own party behind him what do you think would happen in a general election? Get ready for that landslide because it’s coming either way. Hopefully in your case it’s Biden so you can tell yourself Bernie would’ve won.

    I don’t think you understand how Trump won. Was most definitely not because he was more centered than the rest of the political spectrum.

    Theres a reason why the guy has 90%+ support from his own party, and the opposite is true from the dems. Because he’s hard leaning into the right. The only way you beat that is if you have someone hard lean to the left. Centrists policy and leanings will not win in the current political climate. Biden on some issues is literally a republican. Not sure why you think he’d be better off than Bernie.

    Btw, if I remember correctly...the republican establishment hated trump. But now all suck him off. Partially because they realized his populism was fake, and he’s shilling for corporations like never before. It won’t be the same in Bernie’s situation because he will never shill for corporate democrats or their monetary interests so he’s going to get fought to the very end by his own party.

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