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  1. Why do we need more people? What is added to the league by adding 2 more playing slots and expanding the bench?


    I'm against both changes. 

    Do we really need to explain what expanding the bench does?

  2. I'd rather not because I don't like the idea of people just stashing people until they get healthy. Takes away from managing your team. But we can vote on it

    Well, just one slot. More than that and yeah it can get easily abused. But Jayhawks got completely fucked by it last year lol.

  3. I'm pretty confident with how right I've been the last couple seasons. Maybe it's with how wrong you guys have been.


    Idk, I'll let you know soon.

    nj stroking your ego, it must be so hard picking the best team and saying they're the best.

  4. It's only preseason and you guys are already back to your old ways. Chicago isn't winning no championship with this roster.

    We know. Might as well ride the Rose hype train while it's here. 

  5. So far me and amo say H2H categories. Waiting on Reason, Neemah, Rep, Legendary, Hewy, Brian and Snyderman 

    I'd rather do matchups, like if you win more categories for that week you'd be 1-0

  6. His whole team was injured and playing in the playoffs and he was sitting on the sideline perfectly healthy because of a mental block.... You really think you guys can beat the heat... Come on now.


    Lebron is in the prime of his career. And he can take over whenever he wants to.

    I never said that, but thanks for putting words into people's mouth. 

  7. A freak of nature? He just took 18 months to come back from an ACL surgery with the best treatment in the world. 



    Also, if all you took from that was me comparing myself to DRose, which I didn't, then as always. Same old Legendary. 

    Same old amo, thinking I just read one part of his paragraph.


    And again, he was probably fully recovered at 9-12 months, but took precaution. So he had about 6-9 months to practice, work hard, practice against others, etc. Sure it won't compare to an actual game, but it can get close. And why does it matter? He has a full season regardless to get back into the groove and be le old derrick come playoff time. 

  8. You keep thinking running around and doing workouts, playing 5 vs 5 with teammates that know your coming back from injury, and spending time in a gym surrounded by coaches, trainers, and fellow teammates is the same as actually playing in a competitive game. 



    You can prepare all you want outside of an actual game, but actually getting back out there, and doing everything you once did, being comfortable doing everything you once did, is hard even at the college level. I have A LOT of experience with it. It takes some time to get everything right physically and mentally even if you look good right away. It isn't as simple as people like to make it out to be. 

    Don't even compare yourself to the almighty derrick rose. He's a freak of nature.

  9. That is a weird assumption though seeing as he hasn't been at full speed in a NBA game in over 18 months. 


    Nothing will test his knee, and game in practice like an actual NBA game will. Both mentally and physically. 


    You don't think, not once in those 18 months he ran as hard as he could and really put that knee through some vigorous tests? Come on. The guy is doing some crazy ass backward dunks and "we won't see until he actually plays how he is".


    Let me tell you. If I had people talking shit behind my back because I took the safe route and sat out 18 months, you bet my ass I would prepare every cell in my body that I would be at 100%, ready to go with no doubts in my mind/body.


    And btw it might take a few games, but no way in hell I believe that it'l take him a half a season to get back into form. 

  10. But aren't you basing everything around a guy coming off knee surgery being the same and healthy?

    Gee, 18 months after knee surgery and sitting out the whole season he better be the same guy.


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