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  1. 22 hours ago, gporter said:

    Lmfao someone sounds upset. What do you have to hide? Must be going to websites that would get you in trouble with the FBI. Only explanation for why this would bother you. You don’t want federal law enforcement to be able to prevent bad people from doing bad things? Ultimately I think this would lead to a better understanding of those that need to be monitored. So you’re either super self centered and think the world revolves around you, which it doesn’t, or you have something to hide. I could care less, but cmon find something else to complain about. Just don’t make it covid19 deaths. The number one cause of severe covid patients is obesity, number two is lack of vitamin D. Solution is to go outside and exercise. Also you don’t need a positive covid19 test to be counted, just need one of the many symptoms!! It’s a total farce, this isn’t even the flu, nope it’s the common cold, that also happens to be highly contagious. If only all of the state governors were forward thinking Harvard Law doctors like the Florida governor Ron desantis, who instead of forcing sick people back into nursing homes, correctly targeted them early on as places that were most vulnerable. Resulting in a fraction of New York’s cases and deaths, with a higher population of people. I’m old enough to remember when the spring breakers in March were going to cause millions of preventable deaths in our state. Why didn’t that happen??? Probably because young, healthy, active people aren’t at risk, and viruses don’t transmit easily outdoors. Keep the nursing homes protected and let’s all safely get back to normal. It’s not the end of the world that you have to agree with trump on something.

    Gporter you should probably spend 5 minutes thinking about what you just typed before you hit send.

    Firstoff, as someone who preaches about freedom around the fucking clock oh the irony about defending absolute tyrannical policy on privacy. Privacy, does not equal illegal activity.

    Would you want the government spying on you while taking a shit? Well since you're not doing anything illegal you have nothing to hide right? Point proven. Privacy is very important. I don't care that the government knows what porn site I go to or that I use draftkings often, but it's the principle that I live in a free country and as long as I'm doing stuff legally...then...They have no fucking business knowing. That's what warrants are for. If they suspect illegal activity due to evidence, then by all means investigate. But they don't just get to come in uninvited without any evidence whatsoever and just invade privacy when they please.

    Oh and don't worry, I'm not shy admitting on when I agree with Trump. It's just the consistency of agreeing is so few and far between and there is obviously a reason for it, dude is a fucking moron. He was right when saying Bernie was getting fucked over by the DNC, actually twice now. But even a broken clock is right twice a day. So may be just a coincidence of probability. 

    And I'm not going to listen to Dr. Nick (Gporter) on what COVID 19 is. I'm going to listen to doctors and scientists. Just like when people get sick they don't go to an average joe spewing bullshit, they go to a doctor.

    Edit: Another great point I saw on twitter this current version of the Patriot Act would allow the Government to crack down on activists, labor organizers, anything that the government doesn't like. So if the Government goes full tyranny good luck! 

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  2. 5 hours ago, ChieftaiNZ said:


    Just how I remembered it.

    1 hour ago, Avenger said:

    This is actually hilarious at this point. Never have I seen a company this big make so many mistakes for like almost 10 years in a row now. How they are even still in business is surprising. But Halo Infinite will be good!!! Right guys!!?? :whoa:



    You mean the game the refuse to show gameplay for? I'd honestly be suprised if on release we didn't just bleed through the map repeatedly and get the "Well this didn't happen in testing!" meme.

  3. 7 hours ago, Cursed Lemon said:

    Right-wingers going insane about not being able to work.

    Meanwhile the stock market is rising.

    Perhaps there is a lesson here.

    A bootlicker to a billionaire is no different than a simp to a twitch girl, they will white knight to the very end when in reality there was no chance.

  4. 2 hours ago, Rick said:

    Clearly you don't understand how his wealth works.  He does not have 100 billion sitting in his bank account, his wealth comes from his stock in Amazon, and if he were to start selling off it wouldn't be worth nearly as much.


    Secondly, he is providing jobs to tens of thousands of people who are providing a service to millions. Those millions of people are now able to stay at home because they get what they need sent straight to their front door. He may be a filthy rich lefty, but it's only because sheeple like you continue to utilize his services.


    You put a price on a human life, I didn't.

    And what do you do with stock, Rick. And why would you sell if it continues to go up, Rick. Do you just sell blue chip stock that pay dividends quarterly, which he probably pumps back into his stocks which ups the value and the cycle continues.

    Secondly, anyone who gets lucky can provide a fucking shitty hourly pay job. Ironically enough if Amazon went belly up guess who would be at Uncle Sams doorstep asking for a bailout, kind of like the countless amount of companies doing so currently. It's just fucking amazing how much of a bootlicker you are and don't understand that when things are good people like you defend capitalism and privitazation to the ends of the earth, but when things go bad (boeing, gm, any company taking a bailout, etc) thats when corporate socialism comes out to play. 

    I know you don't understand why that is problematic, but let me explain. That allows companies to be as risky as they want because no matter what they win! They risk hard and it pays off, mega profit. They lose, meh, still mega profit from the american taxpayer! Isn't this form of capitalism great? How it's supposed to work - when company does well, they reap the rewards. When shit hits the fan, they crumble and lose and either their competition takes over, or a small guy takes over and benefits.

    Hence why instead of being risky assholes nonstop, they should be paying their workers more and settiing their profits aside. Because at the end of the day that same company will have absolutely no issue being a corporate socialist when things go bad. Bezos didn't invent staying home and buying shit online to stay home. Countless other people provide that service, isn't mutually exclusive to him. Oh hes providing the jobs to people that are risking their life from the virus while he stays in his mansion doing fuckall. How nice of him. At least we know wage slaves don't mean a fucking thing to you, Rick.

    And put a price on what? Workers are working during a pandemic. They should be paid well since ya know, they're essential. They're making their owner rich as fuck. And seeing barely any benefit when it's them ultimately putting their life on the line. Saying someone should be paid much more in pandemics isn't putting a price on a human life dipshit lmao, if anything it's showing that you care and value what they're doing for their country, vs idk paying them very little during a pandemic, and sucking off their billionaire owner when in the grand scheme of things he's just sitting in his house not doing shit. 

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  5. 5 hours ago, Rick said:

    Look at how many people have been able to stay at home instead of going out and spreading the virus because of the services that Amazon provides.


    What is the cost of a human life in your eyes?

    What the fuck does that have to do with Bezos staying at home collecting billions while his employees are slaving away homie lmfao

  6. 1 hour ago, pharmassists said:

    He said inject disinfectants and cure the virus in a few minutes. Can't really defend that. It sounded so bad in the headlines I thought the media was twisting his words. Nope. He should ask those questions off the camera. That was painful to watch.

    You know it’s bad when some republican friends I had back in high school even said it was r*tarded. But of course on here it’s trump cocksuckers gone wild.

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  7. 12 hours ago, Buffdaddy Jamal said:

    Don't bother dude, these people gobble up headlines like an untrained dog goes after his food.


    12 hours ago, akaWest said:

    You're right. Reminds of the "Trump called Nazi's very fine people" fake news from Charlottesville.  

    You guys should probably get a room

    Every time the man talks science he looks like a fucking idiot. You guys are genuinely trying to defend this lol...

    This is literally homer simpson frank grimes complex + hes so stupid hes smart had a bastard child

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  8. 1 hour ago, Cypress said:

    you have absolutely no idea what I just said then.  Got it.

    and I'm not even trying to defend Trump.  I just wanted to understand your ability to comprehend what you were talking about and you failed miserably.

    Regardless of what dumbass shit you want to deflect the chain of command ultimately gets to Trump. And all of what you said is completely irrelevant because it was verifiable in court that Trump knew the workers working on his shit were illegal. Oh no trump hires a contractor and the contractor hires subcontractual work! Does that mean Trump is off the hook...no.

    Hence why I referenced Capone, because if he tells someone to commit a crime and that person tells another to, ultimately its still Capone responsible no matter who you want to blame. 

    Why do you guys just always focus on gotchas, it's so sad. Whatever try to make me look stupid all you want, but the crux of the argument remains the same.

    Oh you think einstien is alive teeheehee oh you don't know how contracting works teeheehee! How about we fucking post about the argument for once in your fucking life lol

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  9. 8 hours ago, Cypress said:

    Can you elaborate on this more?  


    He said this about ILLEGAL ALIENS. The hypocrisy just literally never ends. Once the jobs done just kick them to the curb and fuck them over I guess.

    “He liked the way the men were working on 57th Street,” Mr. Goryn said. “He said, ‘Those Polish guys are good, hard workers.’”


  10. 8 hours ago, TheDood said:

    You want people to be paid more but also want there to be a supply surplus of labor?

    It was always a problem for you before the pandemic and will be afterwards.

    And oh please, cry those crocodile tears on how there isn’t enough jobs to go around. Meanwhile at the same time gloating that unemployment is at an all time low and there are always excess jobs under the trump presidency. But I really don’t think you want to go down that road.

    But now that the pandemic hits you want to pretend you care about Americans and jobs. How come never about the amount paid in those respected jobs or benefits?


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