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  1. https://time.com/12365/these-10-states-have-the-highest-obesity-rates/
  2. on a diet but ill check it out in a few months
  3. Because he seems to have this tendency for everything he does. Just sheer craziness.
  4. he cant name a verse because he doesn't know one, I really didn't think I needed to say the loud thing out loud.
  5. Wait, WHOS GOING TO PAY FOR THAT? Absurd.
  6. Also Popeyes is fire. I just can’t imagine their new sandwich being better than chick fil a’s but I won’t find out for quite a while.
  7. Last time I went to chick fil a (6 months ago now, for dietary purposes) the lady was so outrageously fake nice and over the top, and tried to small talk for no reason at all. Needless to say I wanted to die at that moment. And when I go someday in the future strictly using the app, getting my shit, and getting the fuck out. Chipotle on the other hand never an issue.
  8. Sir, this cheeseburger won’t give me a heart attack NOW so why should I care about it?
  9. https://berniesanders.com/issues/the-green-new-deal/ Holy fucking shit. This would be amazing.
  10. Well thank god bernie isn't a socialist. For fuck sake dude.
  11. His policies suuuuuuuuuuuure are close to what Bernie's been trying to do recently.
  12. The goal of democratic socialism is not communism. No one thinks FDR was trying to establish communism by passing social security and the new deal. You’re blatantly wrong there. The goal of democratic socialism is that capitalism still exists, it’s still perfectly fine in most regards, but certain things such as ones health and education are off limits, and people should be paid much closer to their worth and not be exploited and treated like shit so that a couple people out of a population live exorbitantly to point of absolute redundancy while everyone else struggles, which is what you’re seeing now. Businesses have been making record profits. Stock buybacks are a thing. CEO’s making 1000x an average employee when the rates back in the day were much closer in a CEO/average worker wage relationship. Even with all this success businesses still cut back jobs, exploit even harder, because they have to beat last years record profit this year! These are indications that the economy is clearly rigged for a certain few I.e. crony capitalism and that’s what at its core democratic socialism fixes and has a bit more level and sustainable capitalistic system that works for everyone, not just strictly the omega elite while everyone else slaves away with no benefit from the system. So to say Bernie’s views are incompatible with capitalism is a blatant lie, and more to par with fearmongering bullshit conservatives love to do when they say “Bernie is a SOCIALIST, stay away!”. As for your American conservative paragraph, I agree with a lot of it. They believe in small government until it’s something they disagree with then they jack up government to magnitude 10 (see abortion, anything that puts freedom over Christianity, etc.). And I think there’s many that are just flat out racist, maybe some monetary but others just grew up with that nonsense. There’s a reason why the democrats are more diverse than they’ve ever been in congress (41% white male to 38%) meanwhile Republican Congress went from 86% to 90% recently. But not racist btw. Most qualified btw. In a fair and just system congress would look fairly similar to how the US population looks, give or take a margin of error. And yes Joe Biden fucking sucks and is more conservative than Democrat. Wolf in sheep’s clothing. Warren is more copy pasting Bernie’s homework with a lite kick to it. Don’t think it 100% matters if at one point someone was registered Democrat/republican because I’ve personally seen people in my life change from one to another for one reason or another. Plus wasn’t trump a registered Democrat? Point proven. Also don’t sleep on my dude Andrew Yang. He should be on Bernie’s cabinet for sure. Edit: One last side note, this is why exactly you're seeing some people in this thread watching Bernie and what he's saying and replying "You know what, he isn't bad" or "Actually he has great points on x, y, and z". There's finally been some breakthrough that Bernie isn't some socialist commie but rather would represent and serve the American people, as well as their best interests.
  13. Huh, people who are called liberals in the states are most often associated with being on the left, which Bernie is. The literal definiton of liberal is open to new behavior or opinions and discarding traditional values. How does bernie not categorize into that again? As for liberalism... Liberalism is a political and moral philosophy based on liberty, consent of the governed, and equality before the law.[1][2][3] Liberals espouse a wide array of views depending on their understanding of these principles, but they generally support limited government, individual rights (including civil rights and human rights), capitalism (free markets), democracy, secularism, gender equality, racial equality, internationalism, freedom of speech, freedom of the press and freedom of religion. Bernie checks off a majority of those boxes, even capitalism, just because he disagrees and rightfully so that certain things should be off limits such as people's health to the capitalistic system, doesn't mean in fact that he doesn't support capitalism at all. So to say he's not liberal at all is flat out wrong. He may not be all they way there, but definitely has characteristics of it. Also he checks many more of those boxes than "american conservatism", by a wide margin, so not sure what you're actually saying here. Also american conservatism is fucking no way liberalism without SJW nonsense LMFAO.
  14. You guys can become democrats, it’s okay. I promise. Don’t need to keep saying “Bernie is smart, Bernie is a good guy, has good principles...BUT *insert excuse to distance myself from the libtards*”.
  15. No, I didn’t say that. Clear distinction of taxation for food stamps and aid vs you know, for war. Governmental redistribution of wealth would fall under taxation for food stamps and aid. A vast majority of people think this is important, as is social security, hence why we have those programs in place. Think of it this way -- it's more of a group donation so if shit ever hits the fan you know you're taken care of. Inb4 hurr durr if I stop paying taxes goobement comes with gun because that charitable tax at least for food stamps and unenployment is absolute crumbs to what you’re actually stuffing the government for in terms of payment (roads, hospitals, their dumb wars, etc.). Just unfortunate all of this is lumped into one word "Taxation" and you’re actually going to scapegoat a very small portion of your tax pie on something that helps people immensely and maybe someday (hopefully not other than social security) you’ll use. Going to boogie man the word tax now...sigh. Either way, you’re focusing on the stupid shit yet again vs ah yes, the “privatized redistribution” aspect. What could that possibly mean. It says wonders that when Democrats are in power they focus more on helping people and Americans, you know, what fucking Americans pay for into they system to expect their money to be used back onto them. Vs giving heavy tax breaks to the rich, or causing dumbass wars for oil, etc etc. Last point, I promise, every chariatable act is literally redistributing money, or goods, or services, from rich or well off or good enough to someone less fortunate than you. Goods and services both have monetary value attached.
  16. Pretty sure food stamps and safety nets exist for the sole purpose of being charitable and understanding people go through some shit and you shouldn’t just be left out in the cold. Either way you point is moot because it also says privately, clearly a distinction from governmental taxation, so I have no idea what you’re arguing here.
  17. Both private....and government...dude. Lmfao. You're telling me giving someone cash out of the kindness of your heart doesn't flake into "redistribution of money/wealth/whatever" in one way or another. Come the fuck on. Literally the definiton. This is research article speech and you're getting hung on the word "redistribution" because they're trying to be more professional than using the word "charity".
  18. “Ultimately, total levels of redistribution—both private and government—are higher in Democratic-leaning counties.” Aka not soulless ghouls
  19. Link works fine, tl;dr libtards donate more
  20. I’m a sports fan not hard to see/read on twitter how much of a piece of shit curt schilling is.
  21. Ah yes supporting someone who defrauded investors of 75 million dollars, thinks creationism happened, said muslims = nazis, wears journalism lynching shirts, and doesn’t like gays or transgenders. At least he’s only known for being a wonderful pitcher!
  22. Can’t wait for angry Bernie with facts vs trump
  23. Who spells cringey like that dawg lmao

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