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  1. 5 hours ago, ChieftaiNZ said:


    Just how I remembered it.

    1 hour ago, Avenger said:

    This is actually hilarious at this point. Never have I seen a company this big make so many mistakes for like almost 10 years in a row now. How they are even still in business is surprising. But Halo Infinite will be good!!! Right guys!!?? :whoa:



    You mean the game the refuse to show gameplay for? I'd honestly be suprised if on release we didn't just bleed through the map repeatedly and get the "Well this didn't happen in testing!" meme.

  2. oh ok lol

    also, considering d&d bolted to star wars, which also isn't going to have source material...very odd they mailed it in and rushed it because their next project is going to be in the exact same situation 

  3. 10 hours ago, Cypress said:

    The first ‘spin-off’ that’s scheduled to begin filming takes place roughly 5,000 years in the past, so at least the first one has nothing or very little to do with current characters etc.  its an entirely new cast.  I think Naomi Watts is signed on to play a lead role.   

    Im sure it’ll be something similar to the Star Wars Universe.   

    I just have a feeling too many people will live that would not have otherwise without the spinoffs. Also all the plot holes and clear mistakes (lol coffee cup) are making this season unenjoyable tbh. Episode 3 was pretty badass but almost everyone surviving was nonsense.

  4. 11 hours ago, gporter said:

    Honestly this thread is dead, it’s really sad to me because I kept this forum alive almost single handedly before 2016, and now everyone only wants to talk about politics... super lame! 

    bulls and magic stink, whats there to discuss

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    The Golden State Warriors have taken advantage of every fortunate event in the past half decade. 
    Sign Curry to an undervalued contract due to ankle injuries. 
    Don’t trade Klay Thompson for Kevin Love in 2014. 
    Cap spike leads to Kevin Durant in 2016. 
    Sign Cousins off achilles in 2018.


    ah yes they were just very fortunate, doubt they had anyone in the franchise that actually projected the salary cap spike, or evaluated the talents of klay and decided not to do the trade. As well as getting them all on smart contracts so they can eventually sign a big name talent off FA.

    That is a load of bologna and if you choose to believe that then you're just as bad if not worse than the Lebron fans. 

    Achilles injuries are no joke. It's never the same, and if you look at wesley matthews or other athletes that have endured the same injury they looked like crap for the rest of their careers. So I partially believe teams were probably offering maybe 10-12m or something along those lines but for him it was super smart joining the warriors with absolutely 0 pressure to come back early, and win a title in the process.

  6. It's just amazing to me that people love LeBron so much when he held the cavs hostage and made them pay jr and TT but when  the warriors for like 10 years were analytically making great move after great move now all of a sudden are the big bad wolf that ruined the nba. Literally every move they made was a great one, maybe other nba franchises should start actually you know making analytics their absolute number 1 priority and not suck at drafting people and maybe then the NBA will improve.

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