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  1. I’m Michelle Obama? Well that is sure news to me. Again you posting that chart just shows that whole argument is one big woosh over your head, and laughably just told on yourself without even realizing.
  2. I’m glad you’re just outright ignoring my POV and replacing it with “the left” and think I’m going to argue from that perspective. It’s funny how you complain about Michele and company always crying victim and yet you posted a literal chart on why you’re the actual victim. Cute. Also the Bernie has done nothing in office is the biggest lie on the planet. Recently, he made amazon not only pay 15 dollars an hour for his home state, but for the entire fucking nation. https://www.sanders.senate.gov/legislative-landmarks Heres everything else. Imagine being right on almost every vote you cast regardless of the political climate at the time and being labeled a “do nothing”. Lmfao.
  3. Ah yes bernie sanders is an establishment canindate. Next you'll post some shit about AOC being an undercover spy for cuba from CoservativeGalaxyBrain. Also, your chart is so laughable. White people want to be the victim so badly. Oh no an SJW said I'm culturally appropriating something! Anything I do is CRUCIFIED because I'm white! Do you just have no backbone or spine that you really feel the need to have to make/share charts like this? In my experience people who do are just telling on themselves and it's hilarious.
  4. No, I just think you’re batshit insane. But carry on.
  5. ah yes the democratic party are now china piss off dude lol
  6. caring about internet points in 2k19
  7. Ah yes science are just “beliefs”. I pray to the big one everyday that gravity remains intact. AND LMAO. I don’t see atheists knocking on doors trying to make people “convert”. You’re willingly coming to a open forum on the internet to discuss ideals. “Forcing it on you” LOL. First I was straw Manning now the worlds first atheist thumping. Somehow. I’m forcing you through your computer screen to click the politics thread, an open forum for debate, for you to look at my posts and “forcing” ideals on you. Oh man rick. I may visit the grocery store and start bitching that they force these sales down my damn throat. I’m the victim.
  8. Arguing from the "religion is good" position is indeed some reverse strawman shit. Implying niceness and religion go hand in hand somehow and aren't seperate variables. Instead of weakening one's argument to look bad then smashing it, it's you're proping up your own religion with some crazy delusion that it has done nothing wrong, is the end all be all from your various arguments in this thread, therefore no one can argue against it! Religion is good and nice! OH you hate religion? That means you HATE good and nice! You're the bad one! Atheism is bad! Because if you were to actually argue from a religious POV directly from lets say the bible, which in Christianity is the actual word of the Lord, you'd have no defense. 80% of the shit you probably do not follow in everyday life, the mixing of cloths is a sin, eating seafood is a sin, whether consciously or subconsciously, and you guys cling on that 20% (probably a generous number imo) and pretend that is what your religion is. It's insane.It's the single most cherrypicked thing on the entire planet. And a reverse man of straw. But oh please tell me how I'm mis-representing religion in some way that makes it ezpz for me to argue and makes me look like a genius. I need to mis-represent the world being created 5,000 years ago in 7 days to refute the sheer illogicalness of the religion. Lol.
  9. Being a good person doesn't mean you have to be a fucking idiot in the process. I know christians want to run some monopoly on "niceness" but if you actually read the bible it's full of inconsistencies, lies, and has caused many wars and deaths in its history. Not to mention delaying progress of humanity for goodness knows how many centuries with its anti-science takes. You can absolutely be a good person without some mystical story and I'd actually argue you're a better person without one, because those stories are meant to instill fear in you to be "good" ie if you sin YOU'RE GOING TO HELL! Or...YOU BETTER DO THIS ILLOGICAL THING SUCH AS HATE THE GAYS OR FACE THE WRATH OF GOD!, instead of you know just being a good person...logically. Humans should help one another because that is the easiest, sufficient, and efficient way to survive and thrive as a species. And yes you can have spiritual pride, not necessairly the same as religion but ok cool. You can still practice religion it's your freedom to do so. But then people calling you dumb shouldn't come as a shock. Inb4 what about muslims.
  10. You forgot people who still believe in magical sky daddies written by middle eastern goat herders thousands of years ago in 2k19
  11. The best defense is just to keep scoring
  12. Wilt played in an era where the toughest competition was the 6’ 0” local milkman
  13. Galaxy brain rick, history isn’t important! What happened in history doesn’t pertain to people today so fuck it! how does that history repeating itself quote go...and why you should accurately depict it so it doesn’t happen again...
  14. The point of my post wasn’t to defend these countries that have committed atrocities, it’s just ironic that when people talk about their own history they have some severely rose tinted colored glasses, that’s all. Which is what can cause these issues to begin with because people don’t learn from the past.
  15. Those damn illegal Europeans you always complain about. Wait...
  16. Eh em mister moron, a congressman reporting a 200,000 salary? And you’re complaining about him using a couple loopholes, which if he didn’t use you’d be bitching at how he’s an idiot? Yeah this is a no win situation. This is literally the participating in society meme. He should just be corrupt as hell, make 20 million and pay a little higher tax to appease akawest.
  17. so what happened with the native americans
  18. Trump called out Kerr to distract you from the fact that the richest 400 families now pay a lower tax rate than the middle class, the first time that has happened in over 100 years.
  19. As if those things pertain to anything about climate change, gporter. Either way pretending to care and lying about your emissions is better than flat out being an idiot about it and saying you don’t care at all/isn’t real, I guess.
  20. They do that to the american people everyday and republicans dont give a shit.

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