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  1. Awesome to know that if you want to become #2 in political polls all you need to do is spend 300 million dollars in political ads. What a great system. Boomerberg hasn’t even debated on stage.
  2. "Why do you care so much about what other people think" >Politics thread
  3. This Iowa Caucus fuckery. Holy shit. Fuck the DNC.
  4. 80% of americans live paycheck to paycheck my dude, stock market only shows that the rich are doing really well. Nice bullshit claim though.
  5. How is it a hot take lmfao. I've been saying it for as long as I remember. Yeah, country is screwed. Instead of starting endless wars we'll be making our citizens healthy and educated. Fuck it's over for the U S of A.
  6. New NBC/WSJ poll: 2020 Democrats Sanders 27% (+6 since Dec.) Biden 26% (-2) Warren 15% (-3) Bloomberg 9% (+5) Buttigieg 7% (-2) Klobuchar 5% (-) Yang 4% (+1) Steyer 2% (+1) Gabbard 2% (-) Patrick 1% (+1) BeRnIe iS jUsT a PaWn FoR HiLlArY/bIdEn
  7. Some of Rogans fanbase finding this out about him oh man oh man LMAO
  8. DNC merges with RNC if Bernie gets the nom, they wanted to for a long time anyway.
  9. Sargon video. Don't even have to break this down lol Breaking: Republican outraged 78 year old man with 2.5 million dollar net worth who is the poorest senator of the united states and hasnt taken a single bribe having 3 houses, but not billionaires who altar your life in every way imaginable. Millenials are impressionable somehow but imagine how much of a fucking dumbass you have to be to willingly donate money to a billionaire when he can afford his whole campaign no problem lol, but ah yes millenials are the only impressionable ones.
  10. Dude is petrified of Bernard Sanders, and it's hilarious. So much for being an alpha male. Not even including him in tweets, oh my goodness . I know deep down inside Pickle Rick that bothers you as well, but I'll let that insecurity slide. As for your 2nd sentence, here comes "gotcha" andy. Funny how you laugh at NPC's but really wanted me to act like one I guess and sit there and say "oh here I also refute trump saying democrats are do nothing, as well as bernie being radical" fuck out of here dude I'm pretty sure you know my stance on the political spectrum and can put 2 and 2 together, even for you.
  11. Look at how scared this motherfucker is WHERES BERNIE AT DAWG
  12. Republicans only defend life until you’re spat out of your moms vag, then they don’t care what happens to you.
  13. Never a serious candidate, but if he beats trump lol. We’ll see if the DNC allows that. New York Times and now Hillary scared shitless about him actually winning, more establishment pushback soon to follow I literally said this a few days ago, they are going to fight Bernie until the bitter end because unlike trump, he will not give in to corporations or big money interests.
  14. LMFAO. Here we go with the establishment.
  15. Trump kicking 7 million people off their health insurance is pretty moral dude
  16. Then why do you do so for police and firefighter services New slogan: "Firefighters, for those who want it".
  17. That's a high deductable. Again, luckily for you...you didn't need to meet that deductable yearly. However, for someone with diabetes or any myraid of health issues, that would become expensive quick. https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2018/dec/11/universal-healthcare-could-save-america-trillions-whats-holding-us-back But here’s the funny thing: though these two analyses came from economists from opposite ends of the political spectrum, they shared a similar finding: single-payer would reduce our nation’s healthcare spending bill by trillions of dollars over a decade (around $2tn and $5tn, respectively). Saving money. Psh. I don't want big gooberment.
  18. Yes, because I can pay 50 bucks a month for health insurance and complain about these taxes. However, what difference does that make if the deductible and out of pocket is astronomical? You really want to hedge your bets on your own health? You can be a gigantic jackass now about it until someday (hopefully not) you go to the hospital and get put through the ringer of medical debt. The number one reason in bankruptcy, btw, to own the libs. I said premiums, deductibles, out of pocket maximums, would all disappear. There would be no more games played to milk every penny out of you in the event that you would get sick. People really don't know how fucked you get until you actually visit a hospital, or get sick. So many things get seperatelly billed, some things the insurance doesn't cover, even when they do they purposefully make it insanely difficult because in their eyes a certain percentage of people won't fight it, which means they profit harder, etc.
  19. You dont think your employer is currently screwing you on some pay to make that possible, right? Copayment? Deductible? Out of Pocket Max? Is it an HMO or PPO? All those matter. What you pay currently in your premium doesn't really mean anything.
  20. Do you get insurance from your work?
  21. the UK, Canada, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, etc.are doing just fine. You dumbfucks pretend that with these higher taxes your current shit fucking premium you're currently paying wouldn't disappear. You're literally complaining about cutting out the middleman and saving money. Out of pocket, copayments, gone. So do the math, sure this healthcare would cost x trillion. MINUS the trillions you'd be saving paying your premium. The net gain is saving money end of story, cutting out the middleman, not paying absurd copayments, and fighting the insurance company tooth and nail to get shit covered. The same goes with schooling. Whats better, getting taxed and it's worry free essentially just like your preschool-senior year of highschool days or taking out a loan for hundreds of thousands of dollars at 6-10% that you'll be paying for years on end? You can still go to a private school if you want and pay out of the ass, it is your choice. But education and your health shouldn't be put on the auction block for everyone to profit off of.
  22. I really don't think you understand how this works. Also, please explain to me who's going to pay for all these wars, all these hikes on military spending. Seems like only ass-devistation happens when American people actually want things that matter and would benefit everyone greatly.
  23. so it begins. Establishment going to do literally everything to not get Bernie elected. Amy klobuchar and warren? Huh?

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