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  1. The best defense is just to keep scoring
  2. Wilt played in an era where the toughest competition was the 6’ 0” local milkman
  3. Galaxy brain rick, history isn’t important! What happened in history doesn’t pertain to people today so fuck it! how does that history repeating itself quote go...and why you should accurately depict it so it doesn’t happen again...
  4. The point of my post wasn’t to defend these countries that have committed atrocities, it’s just ironic that when people talk about their own history they have some severely rose tinted colored glasses, that’s all. Which is what can cause these issues to begin with because people don’t learn from the past.
  5. Those damn illegal Europeans you always complain about. Wait...
  6. Eh em mister moron, a congressman reporting a 200,000 salary? And you’re complaining about him using a couple loopholes, which if he didn’t use you’d be bitching at how he’s an idiot? Yeah this is a no win situation. This is literally the participating in society meme. He should just be corrupt as hell, make 20 million and pay a little higher tax to appease akawest.
  7. so what happened with the native americans
  8. Trump called out Kerr to distract you from the fact that the richest 400 families now pay a lower tax rate than the middle class, the first time that has happened in over 100 years.
  9. As if those things pertain to anything about climate change, gporter. Either way pretending to care and lying about your emissions is better than flat out being an idiot about it and saying you don’t care at all/isn’t real, I guess.
  10. They do that to the american people everyday and republicans dont give a shit.
  11. Funny because it’s a direct reflection of unchecked capitalism. Kinda sucks right? Companies following the money and don’t care about anything else?
  12. No if I was ben shapiro I would say facts and logic then start arguing based on my religious principles and try to intertwine them with the nonsense.

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