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  1. imagine deepthroating the rich like some people do in this thread
  2. Currently -23 in Chicago freezing my balls off.
  3. He’s just trolling btw, mastermind genius
  4. low iq morons celebrate profusely
  5. How was capitalism doing during the gr8 depression
  6. Firstly, I severely doubt that. The way you post and your thought process makes it insanely hard to believe you’re above grape intelligence level. Second, about the finances...you have no idea who here actually has money and who doesn’t, especially tied to political affiliation on an Internet forum. And it’s irrelevant to the subject manner because money doesn’t mean shit. I’ve seen the dumbest fucking inbreds on the planet have money and the smartest people on the planet have fuckall due to depression, shit life circumstances, etc. Your last point is your intelligence level. All caps, me type loud in all caps me smarter than u.
  7. 2 of the lowest IQ individuals in this whole thread think trump is the greatest/will be the greatest, lol.
  8. imagine blaming democrats when Mitch can literally open the government at this second if he wanted to
  9. pretty much how this thread goes 90% of the time
  10. Becoming a billionaire pretty much nulls your political affiliation because in order to become one you have to put your morals and values in the garbage. Same type of person who says they’re Catholic but never goes to church, never reads the Bible, and ignores the rules of the Bible. They just pretend, as is the case for all these billionaires because if they practiced what they preached they’d not be greedy ass billionaires but actually help others live a decent life. Political affiliation is a mirage and they just nod one way or another so they don’t get put into the hot seat to make changes. But that’s all changing with the wealth gap growing to unheard of inequalities, people are getting sick of it and are starting to call it out for what it is.
  11. Oh my ass lol, that’s a lie and I haven’t even looked it up yet

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