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  1. Breaking: 10,000 votes mysteriously went to Tom Steyer that were meant for Bernie by electronic voting. I guess we should just shut down electronic voting forever! This is the correct choice to make!
  2. I am just glad the person calling out bias is a host on OANN. Maybe we should just appoint her so literally nothing gets checked. Or maybe, people can have selective biases and still try to do their best and be correct irregardless of what the source is, because correct is correct. And theres no such thing as no bias, and yes even computers have bias programmed into them...by humans. At the end of the day mail voting and rigging there's no correlation at all. And actually, funnily enough, republicans have benefitted more than anyone else on mail voting because mostly people over 65 would vote in this fashion. But because Trump tweeted against it, and it was fact checked by CNN, it's fake news bullshit. I dislike CNN greatly, but if they say 2+2 = 4 they are factually correct. Same people who also say mail in voting can be rigged, oh boy, do I have a story about those electronical booths and what you can do to them to rig elections. But you think mail in voting can swing elections. Lol.
  3. The irony of the biggest dipshit crybaby that tweets nonstop thinking hes oppresed on his shitty fucking opinions, or the likes. We've gone full circle folks.
  4. No, something called 40 million americans losing their jobs which means their insurance. Hey but great job once again proving how much of a ghoul you are!
  5. Imagine thinking health insurance being tied to your job is a good thing lol
  6. the comedy writes itself, I don't even have to do anything lol
  7. 90% white republican party isn't the racist one dumb dumb
  8. Won't pass the Senate because average Americans don't matter to republicans, the billionaires already looted the treasury as they pleased.
  9. Gporter you should probably spend 5 minutes thinking about what you just typed before you hit send. Firstoff, as someone who preaches about freedom around the fucking clock oh the irony about defending absolute tyrannical policy on privacy. Privacy, does not equal illegal activity. Would you want the government spying on you while taking a shit? Well since you're not doing anything illegal you have nothing to hide right? Point proven. Privacy is very important. I don't care that the government knows what porn site I go to or that I use draftkings often, but it's the principle that I live in a free country and as long as I'm doing stuff legally...then...They have no fucking business knowing. That's what warrants are for. If they suspect illegal activity due to evidence, then by all means investigate. But they don't just get to come in uninvited without any evidence whatsoever and just invade privacy when they please. Oh and don't worry, I'm not shy admitting on when I agree with Trump. It's just the consistency of agreeing is so few and far between and there is obviously a reason for it, dude is a fucking moron. He was right when saying Bernie was getting fucked over by the DNC, actually twice now. But even a broken clock is right twice a day. So may be just a coincidence of probability. And I'm not going to listen to Dr. Nick (Gporter) on what COVID 19 is. I'm going to listen to doctors and scientists. Just like when people get sick they don't go to an average joe spewing bullshit, they go to a doctor. Edit: Another great point I saw on twitter this current version of the Patriot Act would allow the Government to crack down on activists, labor organizers, anything that the government doesn't like. So if the Government goes full tyranny good luck!
  10. Just how I remembered it. You mean the game the refuse to show gameplay for? I'd honestly be suprised if on release we didn't just bleed through the map repeatedly and get the "Well this didn't happen in testing!" meme.
  11. https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/jgxxvk/senate-votes-to-allow-fbi-to-look-at-your-web-browsing-history-without-a-warrant BUT MY FREEDOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM Hyprocrites per usual.
  12. The fact that this game is still having problems 5 years later...good fucking lord. Sheer incompetence.
  13. A bootlicker to a billionaire is no different than a simp to a twitch girl, they will white knight to the very end when in reality there was no chance.
  14. Fuckin stupid mods. Must be dumbocrats /s Anywhoo hey uh so Michael Flynn pleads guilty but doesn't get punished, seems about white
  15. And what do you do with stock, Rick. And why would you sell if it continues to go up, Rick. Do you just sell blue chip stock that pay dividends quarterly, which he probably pumps back into his stocks which ups the value and the cycle continues. Secondly, anyone who gets lucky can provide a fucking shitty hourly pay job. Ironically enough if Amazon went belly up guess who would be at Uncle Sams doorstep asking for a bailout, kind of like the countless amount of companies doing so currently. It's just fucking amazing how much of a bootlicker you are and don't understand that when things are good people like you defend capitalism and privitazation to the ends of the earth, but when things go bad (boeing, gm, any company taking a bailout, etc) thats when corporate socialism comes out to play. I know you don't understand why that is problematic, but let me explain. That allows companies to be as risky as they want because no matter what they win! They risk hard and it pays off, mega profit. They lose, meh, still mega profit from the american taxpayer! Isn't this form of capitalism great? How it's supposed to work - when company does well, they reap the rewards. When shit hits the fan, they crumble and lose and either their competition takes over, or a small guy takes over and benefits. Hence why instead of being risky assholes nonstop, they should be paying their workers more and settiing their profits aside. Because at the end of the day that same company will have absolutely no issue being a corporate socialist when things go bad. Bezos didn't invent staying home and buying shit online to stay home. Countless other people provide that service, isn't mutually exclusive to him. Oh hes providing the jobs to people that are risking their life from the virus while he stays in his mansion doing fuckall. How nice of him. At least we know wage slaves don't mean a fucking thing to you, Rick. And put a price on what? Workers are working during a pandemic. They should be paid well since ya know, they're essential. They're making their owner rich as fuck. And seeing barely any benefit when it's them ultimately putting their life on the line. Saying someone should be paid much more in pandemics isn't putting a price on a human life dipshit lmao, if anything it's showing that you care and value what they're doing for their country, vs idk paying them very little during a pandemic, and sucking off their billionaire owner when in the grand scheme of things he's just sitting in his house not doing shit.

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