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  1. Anyone getting audio issues when loading up a game of Halo 3? Like it's so odd, no ingame sound but if I press start to change the setting I hear all the menu sounds. What the hell.
  2. No clue what happened to the last thread, but I have an idea. Don’t be morons. Go.
  3. Just how I remembered it. You mean the game the refuse to show gameplay for? I'd honestly be suprised if on release we didn't just bleed through the map repeatedly and get the "Well this didn't happen in testing!" meme.
  4. The fact that this game is still having problems 5 years later...good fucking lord. Sheer incompetence.
  5. legendaryshotz

    NBA Thread

    wade poisoned his brain when he was in chicago
  6. legendaryshotz

    NBA Thread

    Ok but trying to say he’s the next lebron is really dumb
  7. legendaryshotz

    NBA Thread

    Zions absolute peak is blake griffin
  8. legendaryshotz

    NBA Thread

    Laker fans are absolute degenerates
  9. They pretty much did. Grown out beard, walking into a forest towards the end.
  10. oh ok lol also, considering d&d bolted to star wars, which also isn't going to have source material...very odd they mailed it in and rushed it because their next project is going to be in the exact same situation
  11. How was it insufferable to our culture lmao
  12. Yeah it's official, this season sucks
  13. legendaryshotz

    NBA Thread

    @Roxas how are the thunder doing

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