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  1. legendaryshotz

    NBA Thread

    Ok but trying to say he’s the next lebron is really dumb
  2. legendaryshotz

    NBA Thread

    Zions absolute peak is blake griffin
  3. legendaryshotz

    NBA Thread

    Laker fans are absolute degenerates
  4. He didnt get his freedom of speech taken away. Just not being paid by google to spew his bullshit. And yeah I write alot because things aren't usually black and white in politics and to deter morons like you from ever actually reading or responding with substance because I know you won't make it to the end. Big brother little brother btw LMAO
  5. I know this may surprise you but I’ve watched crowder for quite a while, not because I believe a word he says but I think it’s important to laugh every once in a while at the sheer lunacy this guy tries to pull with his politics. Dude doesn’t like gay people. Pretty obvious. He can label it as a joke all he wants, and pretend his socialism is for figs shirt is a play on fig newtons (when really it’s the gay slur, you can play stupid until the cows come home). But now he wants to play victim that YouTube won’t monetarily support him because of it lol. He’s just playing the “it’s just a joke bro” card so he can be offensive as he wants with no reprocussions.
  6. Bernie Sanders went to Russia once for a honeymoon YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
  7. Meanwhile something that acutally matters, the president having a hard on to go to war with Iran. Conservatives are the party of peace, remember this.
  8. You’re paying for someone’s misfortune anyway, indirectly. Just in form of war and conflict and much less welfare and healthcare.
  9. 1. It doesn’t matter where you go on a fucking honeymoon LOL. If he went there and invested I don’t know millions or billions over there like a certain someone almost did I’d certainly be more worried. Again, your dumbass is still stuck on Socialism = Democratic socialism lmfao. Reminds me of when people say plastic and margarine are a couple molecules different to scare people into not using margarine. But that difference is vital in chemistry and makes margarine perfectly safe to eat. Hell even water and heavy water share the same molecule but the isotope is the difference between essential need for your body and death. Same with Socialism and Democratic Socialism, it may contain the same word but they are light years different from each other. Second, it’s not putting words in Scalzos mouth. It’s a valid point that the government should spend the money we put in back onto us, vs spending it on needless wars and self gain of politicians. It should indeed be limited in certain aspects but in others such as constructing roads, schools, hospitals, welfare, etc. have a bigger role. Because it’s next to impossible for communities and families to pool money themselves to get that done.
  10. Or the government can fuck off by spending trillions on war and instead help it’s own citizens instead? They always have money for war somehow.
  11. Yeah and a record amount of people don't have health insurance, and don't have money for emergency arises. But yeah trump deserves all the credit even though unenployment has been trending downwards for what 10+ years now?
  12. Yeah lets just pretend theres absolutely no difference between democratic socialist vs full fledged socialism. Like believing certain things such as healthcare and a living wage shouldn't be capitalized to an extent where people can't afford even basic rent or people die because their health insurance denies coverage or they have no coverage at all. Nah, lets instead just call it full fledged socialism where they seize the means of production of every single business venture and distribute accordingly! That'l scare em! It's all the same! Wait... (psst, under democratic socialism capitalism is still fine and thrives, just cuts out the you know profitting off others at no matter what cost whether it be health or enviornmental etc)
  13. Was that before or after Trump tried to build and invest a literal tower there?
  14. Bernie is a plant, hence why every news corp shits on him mercilessly for no reason! From CNN, to Fox, to MSNBC, etc. Lmao you can't honestly believe that bullshit you just said now? Was he planted in the Civil Rights movement too? The DNC's roots of planting go that far???? What am I reading right now. Also isnt it customary to endorse the nominated person? He still gets heat to this day because apparently he didn't immediately support Hillary and gets blamed for handing the election to trump because of it. Lose/lose situation. You don't endorse hillary, she loses, trump wins, you get flamed for the rest of your career because of it and well Trump gets elected! You endorse Hillary and understandibly another shit canidate but at least a little bit better than Trump (You won't agree with this, I don't care). Plus you still have a tiny bit of good standing with the Democratic Party support even though they hate you... which unfortunately is needed to win an election in a 2 party system. So to recap, bernies options were: A. Not endorse Hillary, which would most certainly seal the deal for Trump, get blamed forever for it, and the DNC would probably never support him ever again no matter what. No secret here at the very least Bernie's ideals are closer to Hillary's than Trumps, but thats like the Earth being closer to Neptune than to Pluto, it's a joke. That's the hand you're dealt. But still, if chosen to travel to one place or another you'd still rather pick the closer Neptune. In his case, the elected candidate for the Democratic Party. B. Endorse Hillary, which makes Trump losing more likely, much less blame for loss of election (should be none but some Hillary voters are dumb as rocks), and the DNC doesn't shadowban you for not endorsing the winning candidate. All of this really didn't matter anyway, Trump won because Hillary didn't campaign in the borderline states and was probably the absolute worst candidate possible the Dems could have chosen and shilled for. But yeah any person on this planet would have chosen option B if they wanted to run again, because option A just essentially guarentees your political opponent on the opposing end wins outright because those "hardcore" Bernie fans would be much less likely to vote for Hillary if Bernie himself said "yeah lol nah fuck this Hillary is bad", and what little respect the DNC had for you to begin with vanishes completely and you'll have zero shot winning running as an independant in a 2 party system. Any person not understanding these simple concepts is a dolt, yes including the people in that youtube comment section, irregardless if they're a bernie supporter (probably former now since they cannot think as to why this possibly happened and they just mindlessly word vomit 'lol sellout') or not.

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