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  1. I mean if you’re religious in any sense that’s very hypocritical. Since god created everyone in his own image and I’m almost positive he didn’t want one specific type of race to “stick to their own lands”, because then you’re essentially saying part of god is wrong and worse I guess? You can figure out those mental gymnastics. And if you’re not religious, then it’s just illogical. Humans should have empathy and compassion for others that are victims of crime and violence. Regardless of religious belief, or if they’re secular, etc. No human should go through that pain and suffering because of a belief, no matter how stupid it may be.
  2. Wow someone thinks that an investigation onto himself is a waste of time? Every person from Al Capone to mr perfect would think the same way.
  3. I think spending 30 million dollars to make sure your president isn’t undermining the American people is a preeeeeety good investment. Especially since it genuinely shows how much of a dolt he is. And we don’t even have the redacted info yet. Walls aren’t forever, are easily penitrable. The upkeep cost is also going to be monumental. Investing in tech at the border such as motion senors and cameras would be much more efficient and better for the long run. But this is an administration that thinks clean coal is not an oxymoron. Shows the dinosaur mentality of it all.
  4. How is Donald trump of all people going to make a big deal out of 30 million dollars but then say billions of dollars of wall is a drop in the bucket lmao
  5. Disengenous or arrogance is the fact you actually believe that nonsense. Also, there hasn’t been really any decent arguments for god at all, even from your smart philosophers. Only with a “it’s possible” conclusion. But again with no evidence, who fucking cares. It’s also possible there’s a gigantic magical unicorn that made our universe with fairy dust and fart rainbows. But again with no evidence there’s no base to that claim. Humans writing a book and claiming it’s the word of the lord is absolutely laughable, and if I did that today and showed you you’d brush me off as a crazy ass. The same should be done with religion. Also to your last quote. “No eyes to see him”, translates to “you have to be a monumental idiot in order to actually ‘see’ your make believe diety”.
  6. Posting pictures instead of refuting the argument, I know it's hard when you want to believe in something really really badly but turns out it's bullshit. Like the tooth fairy or santa claus. Also, you won't be able to refute it regardless because theres 0 evidence. Hence why I guess you started posting meaningless pictures again because your claim holds no water.
  7. How so, elaborate. I dont believe in magical sky men and claim it as truth. Science and mathematics in infinitely better for society than pretend gods with very elaborate and scummy preachings that are cherrypicked beyond belief for one's self.
  8. Better than pretending that there's an afterlife because you're too mentally fragile to accept reality.
  9. Oh no, buffdaddy said I have doube digit iq. How could I ever get to top 1% of the league of legends ladder with a peanut brain. And LMAO. No sane/innocent person's first reaction to an investigation would be "I'm fucked".
  10. Wow that line really exonerates him. How could I forget to underline that.
  11. why would a completely innocent and exonerated man say that his presidency is over I dont understand, can someone explain this to me?
  12. Ah William Barr. Just so happened to leave that out of your summary of the mueller report, eh?
  13. Oh I believe that the man did try to do that, and that the book should be thrown at him. What I don't believe is your notion that there's some war on religion and that there's a vast majority trying to eradicate all the historical Catholic chruches in the world with destruction and violent acts. It's unfortunate that there's genuinely a very small minority of crazy deranged stupid asses in the world that won't let logic, reason, and science win in all aspects vs religion but instead do this r*tarded bullshit which gives an excuse for people to say things like "war on religion omg" and "wow you see, they want to destory it becuz its the truth." As well as a myriad of other nonsencial dogma that results from this, or even an example from the Notre Dame fire (STILL BEING INVESTIGATED...SO FAR THEY *THINK* IT WAS ELECTRICAL RELATED @akaWest) such as "wow look, the cross survived...how can you not believe in god!" Well gee, you see, wood fires burn at 1,100 degrees F and the melting point of gold is 1,948 degrees F. No shit. Science rules (and so does twitter). I believe, as well as the vast majority of atheists/agnostics and even other religions that differ from Catholisism, that they're allowed to exist, they're allowed to practice their religion freely in a free country of course...No matter how delusional they actually are that some magic sky daddy created everything and that he had a son that died for our sins 2,000 years ago. I'm more interested in these historical buildings because of well, their history. The art. The culture. The engineering it took to construct these buildings. I could give less of a shit about the fake lying book written by goat herders. It's almost criminally ironic the amount of architectual design taken to create these magnificent buildings only to be wasted on fake cult nonsense spread. Anyway, its time for bed. Theres no war on religion. Cypress will read this and tell his wife im an idiot per usual. Rent free.

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