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  1. Idk, I don't play "GOTCHA" olympics. Cue "Improve society" meme.
  2. They are when they're fucking r*tarded, literally more guns than people in this country. Meaning...they're easily affordable. While abortions aren't. Using your brain is hard.
  3. 360 million + guns in America. Another 80b military spending hike which includes guns. “I’m the victim” “not affordable”
  4. wow why didn’t we give a billionaire billions of taxpayer dollars to move to ny when they do it anyway
  5. Aww cue the sad violin, maybe don’t be a piece of shit that happens to tweet on a unworldly level about absolutely everything, and you’d get less scrutiny. ”I’m the victim!”
  6. Yeah lets just ignore what priests do, and then what other priests cover up to protect religion. And then paint all transgenders one way. People did the same shit with gay people back in the day. Disgusting.
  7. well luckily the sit in president is a looney toon evangelical christian so it looks like they got their person, also whats the source on that screenshot exactly?
  8. I honestly can't believe how brainwashed some people are in this thread. Imagine thinking Bernie Sanders or the Democratic party is racist in any way. Take a look sometime at the democratic senate/house vs the republican.
  9. Here's to my 10,000th post btw, love ya @Scalzo
  10. That's about 1/3 true. You got me, I'm a basement dweller. I'm 100% being serious when I say I'm currently typing this in my moms basement lol. 2nd, no I'm not broke, saving up for a house and will have enough for one in a couple years. Ya know, not renting making someone else rich. Lastly, not a communist. Thinking healthcare and schooling shouldn't be capitalized to an extent where it's leaving millions without healthcare, and even when healthcare is acquired these companies fuck you over is asinine. And these students coming out of college with hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt is an absolute disgrace. Also imagine still caring about internet points. Ramierez has stated before he doesn't like posting because it's a lost cause, ie ramming his head into a fucking wall, talking to people like you, akawest, the other trumpets, etc etc. I do it because I'm bored at work, and I like to think there are other lurkers here who read what I post and hopefully if they're on the fence about certain issues they can make their own decision on who's right and wrong. Lastly yes, this website is a goldmine for dumbfucks. That's why you're here bud. P.S. you can chime in whenever when you think I'm wrong, but you continually pivot to shitposting and not expressing your beliefs. So I guess I'll continue to know absolutely everything about the universe. I think you just have issues refuting stuff I say to back to el shitposting for ya
  11. I’m Michelle Obama? Well that is sure news to me. Again you posting that chart just shows that whole argument is one big woosh over your head, and laughably just told on yourself without even realizing.
  12. I’m glad you’re just outright ignoring my POV and replacing it with “the left” and think I’m going to argue from that perspective. It’s funny how you complain about Michele and company always crying victim and yet you posted a literal chart on why you’re the actual victim. Cute. Also the Bernie has done nothing in office is the biggest lie on the planet. Recently, he made amazon not only pay 15 dollars an hour for his home state, but for the entire fucking nation. https://www.sanders.senate.gov/legislative-landmarks Heres everything else. Imagine being right on almost every vote you cast regardless of the political climate at the time and being labeled a “do nothing”. Lmfao.
  13. Ah yes bernie sanders is an establishment canindate. Next you'll post some shit about AOC being an undercover spy for cuba from CoservativeGalaxyBrain. Also, your chart is so laughable. White people want to be the victim so badly. Oh no an SJW said I'm culturally appropriating something! Anything I do is CRUCIFIED because I'm white! Do you just have no backbone or spine that you really feel the need to have to make/share charts like this? In my experience people who do are just telling on themselves and it's hilarious.

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