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  1. pretty much how this thread goes 90% of the time
  2. Becoming a billionaire pretty much nulls your political affiliation because in order to become one you have to put your morals and values in the garbage. Same type of person who says they’re Catholic but never goes to church, never reads the Bible, and ignores the rules of the Bible. They just pretend, as is the case for all these billionaires because if they practiced what they preached they’d not be greedy ass billionaires but actually help others live a decent life. Political affiliation is a mirage and they just nod one way or another so they don’t get put into the hot seat to make changes. But that’s all changing with the wealth gap growing to unheard of inequalities, people are getting sick of it and are starting to call it out for what it is.
  3. Oh my ass lol, that’s a lie and I haven’t even looked it up yet
  4. The top 26 richest people on the planet have more wealth than the bottom 3.8 BILLION people. Just think how insane that is. And they increased that gap by 2.5B last year.
  5. Next I'll start hearing that couples can't be mixed race either because that causes cultural confict with children LOL. The nonsense never stops.
  6. Children should have good parents, no matter if its mom/dad, dad/dad or mom/mom. I've seen too many piece of shit no good "original" parents in my day.
  7. It’s football Sunday with the patriots in the afc championship can u fuck off talking politics and just enjoy today???????????
  8. I remember a time people said the trump Russia collusion case was complete nonsense and was just liberal propaganda. L m a o
  9. legendaryshotz

    NBA Thread

    bulls and magic stink, whats there to discuss
  10. Companies are starting to realize that sometimes going political gets people really talking and leads to massive exposure. If they came out with a generic ass commercial it would hit a specific demographic and that’s it. Same spend for a much higher reach. I get it I don’t like it either, but people should also not really give a fuck about which company supports what unless they’re funding something vicious or that hurts people, otherwise who cares.
  11. AD: Don’t be a dickhead Alot of dickheads getting upset throwing away/smashing razors... Week later same dickheads realize they need to shave and forget about the AD. Buy Gillette. 131k RT’s and 336k likes on twitter. I’d say their marketing team is doing a fantastic job and sales will be up.
  12. “What’s another 5 billion” oh the sweet, sweet irony if this was a government program or for education...
  13. Oh that’s so nice of the government to back pay them. I guess they’ll tell their mortgage broker that they’ll just back pay them too. Maybe the government will also backpay the credit card interest these people will deal with too. Its not the Democrats fault. Mitch McConnell could have opened up the government if he wanted to but he himself is a slime ball as well. It’s no coincidence that the most off the hinge president is also going to hold the longest government shutdown in US History. Wanting 5.9 billion of taxpayer dollars for a wall yet you praise him for buying McDonald’s for NCAA champions that don’t even get paid by the NCAA and make billions off their back OMEGALUL.

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