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  1. Have I just not payed enough attention, or is there still not very much info about this? A $500k tourney is definitely sweet, but it has to be done right. I guess the RTX FFA is only part of the summer tournament...so what does that mean? Qualifiers? Sure. Except the info is being announced Wednesday, just a few days before the event. So this isn't really for anyone who isn't already attending the event. Also, Cyren said Ghost, Bravo, and GoldenBoy will be casting? But the article said the Finals will be broadcast on Sunday, which makes me think not the entire weekend? I'd hope thats just a weird context thing, or why else would 343 waste the money to have them cast one day? I'm sure I sound cynical, I just want to see both sides of this. A company doesn't just throw $500k into a tournament without expecting big results. With a stream only on sunday, and Halo only getting 5-6k views as it is, whats the plan here? I'm sorry, but you shouldn't just announce a $500k tournament without providing ALL the details. Qualifiers, events, gametypes, etc. Yes, developer support is great, but if it isn't done the right way, its a waste of money. As someone who works in the finance industry and owns stock in $MSFT, I'm curious what their plan is, because this seems like they're throwing money at a dead fish (insert some type of analogy here that makes sense, I'm too tired to think of one).
  2. Alex is definitely one of the best console casters out there. He can cover so many games, its quite impressive. Great work this weekend.
  3. Assuming you have a good setup where you can see all 8 screens, its not necessarily hard to cast Halo. It makes it much more difficult to stream it and run production for all 8 POV's, but with a good setup the casting isn't too challenging. Something like COD casting would definitely make it much easier though. Color casters are supposed to provide expert analysis. Puckett was a play-by-play commentator. Anyways, Scott/Ghost/Maven have done a great job at AGL. After casting all day/weekend, it can be a challenge to always stay on topic and keep up your hype. There's going to be occasions like the needler comment, your mind slips occasionally. Not the end of the world. But since they're aware of it now, I'm sure they'll focus more on the intense action.
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