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  1. Got my connection fixed and ready to grind HCS. Looking for some peeps on this morning that wanna run HCS. Onyx + have a mic. GT = PsycodeIiK (l is an i) NA/East Coast
  2. GT: PsycodeiiK HCS Playlist NA/East Coast Grinded to 1700+ Onyx solo queue. Need a good team whose on consistently and wanna grind together
  3. GT = Liberal Disease Champ/Onyx in pretty much every playlist. Really want some guys that are on consistently to run w/..whatever else happens is fine (tourneys, etc.)
  4. Need a couple running HCS/Slayer on new account. GT = Liberal Disease Onxy/Champ every season in pretty much every playlist Have a mic and be from US
  5. What's up yo, been out of the loop a while..can anyone give me a TL;DR of any team changes/rumors/etc. Saw that Spartan/Commonly/Danoxide/Suspector are a thing now. What about everyone else? Is Ninja still playing Halo?
  6. Anyone decent on? Im running dubs and could use a teammate. Im high onyx/champ every season. GT - PyscodeiiK
  7. Yeah @@W0uld you seemed very natural up there man. From the little I watched, I was impressed.
  8. wooow he's such a tool. Somebody needs to knock him out live on stream when they are going out for their last tourney..see how his chubby little chin holds up..maybe somone hits him so hard they knock the pubes off his chin
  9. Dont wanna go back so can someone link me or give me cliff notes version of what Cratos said?
  10. I know i messed up not using multiquote but yeah that one rocket on coli lol terrible
  11. I dont think the problem is skill/mechanics/lack of time playing Halo. They just dont have good chemistry to be honest and I dont think Ninja fits well with Roy and Lunch. EG (imo) has never really looked good. Even if they won all the game 5's I still dont think I would consider them a top 4 team..never really in sync with pushes and always seem to be fighting individual battles and trading constantly..I think T2 mentioned it last night but I guess the best way to put it is it looks like they are all just trying to do too much individually..I can recall specifically one time when Roy was absolute and thrusted out while top snipe and tried to no scope someone on red window..just stupid shit like that and it seems to happen on a consistent basis
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