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  1. goin pro this season need some1 completely dedicated to run just about 24/7 till tourny hmu d2xda em got team pass bought for atlanta to3 lookin
  2. Halo 2 4 Sensitivity Green Thumb No vibration Invert y axis
  3. Agreed. Back in the day mostly any1 over a 45 was a cheater
  4. Either way still going to run some H4 customs. Take it ur not down? Lol
  5. Im sure everyone is excited for instant registration in MCC. Me and my bro are going to run H4 customs with mlg settings to get ready for MCC tonight. Wanted to know if anyones interested?
  6. Yes im not the only one who seen Sundances comment
  7. Cant wait. Youtube only processes 30 fps so u cant notice the 60 fps in videos, but pros say its spectacular
  8. Other articles and forums ive read across the web. Glad the hype is back as well as the halo community. Hoping mlg picks up the game that started it
  9. Lol secret rooms, button glitches ( bxr, bxb), they were an advantage if you could figure them out. Same thing with double shot. Yeah this could be another thread but i personally favor things like bxr. It helped separating good players from pro players
  10. Couldnt agree more. Reach and 4 were the worst mainly for those two reasons
  11. Hey guys, recently been seeing some bad talk about the master chief collection. I wanted to start a forum for the best things, in your opinion, that make the community happy about MCC. Besides the most obvious reason : All halos (1-4) on next gen console.
  12. No sniper-pistol and im fine with both. Pistol needs short range and less spread on br. .MCC one month away!!!!
  13. They are good i dont care for them though.. tryin to get some new faces to go pro with us. Mlg get ready for us. Not long before we make our 1st appearance
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