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  1. Well for the Twitter Give away, once i hit 3000 im going to randomly select a follower using a website, but as for the YT subs one, im going to have a comment contest.
  2. Chunk


    Thought id get away from you here
  3. Yes sir. Have won some tournaments there.
  4. For all of you that dont follow me on twitter and havent heard about the give aways, i figured id tell you here. Once i hit 3,000 followers on my twitter (@imChunk) i will be giving away a pair of Gunnar Optiks i have laying around. Im at 2500, so it shouldnt be too hard. Now once i hit 1000 Subs on YT (www.Youtube.com/imChunkk) i will be giving away a pair of SteelSeries, your choice of the color! If you want to win these prizes, hop in, if not, thanks for reading!
  5. Played the v4 settings last night on stream, and loved it. it was awesome playing a game that felt like halo again.
  6. Chunk


    Hey whats up guys, its Chunk. Some of you may know me from twitter (@imChunk) and for streaming some Halo 4/COD/LoL.! Happy to be here and would like to thank some of my buddies for putting this site together!
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