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  1. Also being streamed @ twitch.tv/skillshot (more chat activity here)
  2. Interesting, yeah just checked the B stream and it looks like they're using their normal online gamertags. That would be a fine compromise if they could do that on mainstream. Easier said than done, but once you know the order a team's sitting in I don't think they really change for the rest of the tourney. They should take that into account when loading up names on the boxes. This is Microsoft's fault, not UGC's, but it can be worked around.
  3. Great to see we're getting some in-game names today, at least for the well known pros. More of a nitpick, but I gotta say I do miss the days where pros would have just their gamertag not prefixed by tourney/team stuff (i.e. "Roy" instead of "UGC HC Roy").
  4. This is a great example of how simplicity is better. In the old days pros would just change the username of the offline Xbox account when they sat down.
  5. These generic gamer tags ruin it for me. Such a huge part of watching Halo that everyone seems to neglect.
  6. It's alright guys, they'll announce some new Halo release for PC at E3 once this all dies down. It'll be $60 for the base game. You won't be able to get it on Steam, just the Microsoft Store. And it'll run strictly on Microsoft dedicated servers with armor unlockables from purchaseable REQ packs. No forge or theater though. Oh and ranking + custom server browser will be coming some time in Q3 of 2021.
  7. Microsoft + 343: "If we can't make nice things then nobody can make nice things"
  8. I'm not surprised that they're doing this, I'm just disappointed because it's unlikely anything as good as this will ever come from an official 343 release. ...If it does, then I'll be happy but I'm not holding my breath on ever seeing something like this again.
  9. All I can say is at this point the MCC rewrite really needs to be better than what Halo Online is offering. But when you look at what HO is offering... I'm not sure that's even possible. That means high resolution + PC + adjustable settings (like FOV) + custom server browser. I hope I'm very wrong, but I don't think 343 has it in them. I was switching between Naded (playing H3 MCC) and Neighbor (playing Halo Online) streams last night and it's laughable how bad MCC looks comparatively. Hit registration, FOV, etc. In its current state, it really is night and day
  10. T2 streaming it now http://www.twitch.tv/tsquared
  11. I'll admit I'm giving the modders a lot of credit and not giving enough credit to the work by Saber Interactive. But still, when you consider that the core was there and it was instead used to make some sort of microtransactionfest for Russians - that's pretty disappointing. For all we know, it might be that Microsoft was using it to test the waters on a Halo PC launch, and if so then that's great and I hope that's the case (if they weren't considering it before, they definitely are now). This still speaks volumes about 343 though. Saber Interactive - these people have done a better job than 343 at porting over H3 and modernizing it. Along with the mods by Eldewrito to make it not P2W. I'll admit that I never played the game before this mod, so I don't know what's the work of the modders vs the original game. It's a bummer you can't get into games, because if you could you'd see just how much more polish is on this compared to MCC. Regardless, my personal experience so far has been stellar.
  12. Ninja? Halo Online? Probably won't happen but Ninja streaming Halo Online to his 100k+ viewers would be hype
  13. I don't mean to turn this into a 343 roastfest, but it really is indicative of the times that a bunch of unpaid enthusiasts can make a better product than a paid development team. And on top of all that, I've managed to have near perfect connection so far, literally zero issues with lag besides when the server I was on ended up getting shut off mid-game. Can shoot people cross map without registration issues (hitscan definitely plays a part in helping with that of course). These community-run servers have been running smoother for me than H5 dedicateds. What a world we live in. Anyways, I'm in love with this damn game. It has a lot of what everyone's been asking for in a modern Halo game. Custom game/server browser, PC, keyboard + mouse support, old school Halo. It just took a bunch of Halo fans to actually go out and do it since the actual devs wouldn't.
  14. Halo Online is incredible. The menu and server browser is a bit laggy but once you're in an actual game it feels so smooth and polished. And the resolution + FPS is amazing. It's already so much better than MCC H3. This is what the future of Halo should look like. PC, keyboard/mouse and controller support. Old school Halo but optimized + high resolution and improvements. Reminds me of when I booted up Halo 2 Vista for the first time.
  15. Obviously they're 1v1s so that contributes to it - but this sort of slow, methodical gameplay is what I've always seen as the bread and butter of Halo. It was never about running and gunning, or who is more aggressive. Early Halos were shooters, but unlike lots of other shooters they mostly revolved around careful positioning and movement. You had to use your brain more than your reflex. This is what's slowly been phased out in favor of flashy gameplay. God damn it I miss those days.
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