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  1. I already posted previously. I need 3 for customs today , 3v3 or 4v4. Hit me up . West coast Gamertag xUnrealgtx
  2. GT : xUnrealgtx Halo 2 anniversary with HCS settings On all day and night looking for teams of 4 west coast time zone
  3. some of the brackets are not updated and the next round has started , dont know who to invite because it does not show the winner ( GR-third round)
  4. this is a repost of scores , havent seen an update on the bracket. spoke with vivala ty 25, his team mate is not showing up . team #158 cross fire gaming
  5. Team : #112 The lost boys Winner : #112 the lost boys round : one showed and one didint score :forfeit
  6. Team name: # 112 The Lost Boys Winner: #122 The lost boys Round number : added both of them one accepted but is not online , waited over 20 minutes Score: none
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