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  1. I'll just go ahead tell you a little bit bout us, we are both in our mid 20's live in the central time zone, have being playing halo for 7 years together and have a good mixture of drive and laid back attitude. We have pretty good skill I would say we could hang with teams that are around 16-32 top teams, just being real on that , Probaly need some more practice to pay the top teams. One thing that we preach when we play is small talk ( where you go, saying you with somebody and what not). So what we are looking for is around our skill onxy will be fine, I'm sorry if your diamond and get shitty teammates I understand I got placed in diamond but worked my way up solo. Also need to be at least 18 and can play around 7:30 central time most nights. Also if you would like to see me in action I will be streaming on twitch @iDowntownbrown/twitch.tv. My Gt is IDownTownBrown so hit me up on all day
  2. Looking to do online tournaments/events etc . We play from 8 central time to midnight every weekday night and play more on the weekend, we are in our mid-20's and are very dedcaited to going somewhere in Halo 5. We are looking for the same kind of players that have the drive that we got . We are skilled, but know how to play as a team , so if your serious and want to go somewhere with this game and put in the time hit me up my GT is Klng reaper 777 that's with an L not an I on the king part or hit up iDownTownBrown we will be running games all day today.
  3. F/A's and To2 are both welcomed Gt is iDownTownBrown
  4. Ok guys what I looking is totally opposite of what most teams are looking for. What I looking for when I first play with someone is personality, gotta be proactive when things get stuff. Secondly what I look for is teamwork how a person responds to calls out how he makes call outs and makes good pushes with his team. What I tend to see is to people just wanna be main stage slayer these days, and let's be on honest most of us looking through these forums have skill. What most players lack are what I mentioned before so I will be running games tonight and tomorrow my teammate had family issues tonight so you can just run with me. Here's a little bout myself I'm in my mid-20's I run my own company so my play time is usual around 8 central time to midnight most nights I'm very easy to get along with and like to think I can put together a really good team. Everybody is welcome to try I don't judge just by stats I look at everything if anybody wants to try hit me up on XBL at iDownTownBrown
  5. Me and my teammate have been playing together for 6 years , we have good chemistry and work well together. We don't have event experience we only want to go to a event if we think we can place top 16 which back then we knew we couldn't . Skill is not a issue as we have not been out skilled by anybody yet.(Of course we haven't played snipedown yet either) but back on topic so what we are looking for is someone to be skilled enough to hold your own into champion rank , know how to play not for stats but for the W ,and no whining if it's one thing I hate the most when trying someone is the complain like a little school girl let's Man up a little and focus on winning and not how you got shafted by 343 . Anyways me and my teammate are both in are mid-20's and play around 8 central time until Midnight on the weekdays. We are kinda looking for some players in our age and timeline but if your chill and can fit are time to play then it's cool. Well hit me up if anybody wants to try we will be on at 8:45 central time tonight GT is iDowntownbrown
  6. Me and my teammate have been teaming together for 6 years and for the first time since halo 3 we are ready to compete again. We are both in are mid-20's and both have day jobs we usually play around 8pm central time until midnight . What we are looking for is a couple teammates around our age and timeframe, someone who knows how to play halo right and puts the team before himself . We are very chill but competitive if this post sounds something your looking for hit me at IDownTownBrown if I'm not on leave me a message on Xbox and I will get back to you thanks.
  7. My team is looking for some scrims tonight to get ready for the tournament this weekend, please send a message to my GT:iDownTownBrown and we will it going
  8. Would like everybody who comes to this forum page to post your GT's in here if they are looking for people to play in these playlist's with. It will be a good way to find people you like to play with and maybe create a team together. You can also add my GT iDownTownBrown i will add you and also looking to add to my team thanks guys.
  9. What's up fellow Oklahomain's? I have a Team of two forsure maybe 3 and we all live in the okc area we are looking for someone who wants to compete in the ea sports, online tournments for MCC. We are easy guys to get along with and have some good skill in halo please hit me up here or my GT:iDownTownBrown thanks guys
  10. Looking for some people who want to go hard at the Hardcore,Ea sports, Online tournaments . Me and my buddy are looking for some players who understand how to play the game the right way, with teamwork,callouts,and to just have fun while playing, we dont like people who rage or cry. I have had a 50 in mlg before but currently on my new tag am only a 43 on halo 3 mlg. If you want to play with some guys that rely on teamwork and staying calm and having a good team hit me up here or my GT: iDownTownBrown thanks
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