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  1. Almost forgot, to try and build some hype for the new server I will be hosting a H2 FFA. I'm probably gonna put up a 25 dollar amazon card for the prize lol
  2. Hi guys, I'm humpah your friendly neighborhood sweaty. Im starting this discord server so that I can hopefully form a community of people that just wanna play some competitive halo. If your interested the link is below, thanks for reading.(: https://discord.gg/ppZ8267
  3. Gt: Humpah Just add me and we will run some arena and see if we are a good fit
  4. I have tried the claw before but couldn't get used to it, maybe it's time to try it again.
  5. Yea but from the few matches I played using helljumper I could tell how much being able to jump without removing my thumb from the stick helped.
  6. I'm finally trying to get more competitive in halo and change from the default controls. I played a few games with helljumper earlier and kind of like it. Let me know what control schemes you guys recommend and any tips for getting used to another control scheme.
  7. Word up lol, just wondering if anybody used any other sources.
  8. What sources do you guys use for your halo esports news?
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