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  1. I know that feeling dude when all the top montagers (Kampy, Hyena etc) watched the tage in my signature and gave it a lot of praise I felt like I made it as a top montager.
  2. Can't argue that, just saying amazing content is still being made with the oldschool and newer games and people don't know about it.
  3. I mean we all had to start somewhere right? Keep in mind I was only 12 when I first started playing halo and I was happy to have started with Halo 3 compared to Reach and thank god not Halo 4. But yah the whole thing with my post is I feel we are too separated and this can change if we work together which would help us grow as a community all together. Halo used to be filled with content on the daily from everyone, it's a shame that has basically all but stopped.
  4. one of the problems halo has had it connecting the average halo player with the competitive scene, it's not just something people dive into. that's why we need people to grow themselves as content creators and youtubers/streamers and promote competitive halo through that. people are going to be excited to watch their favorite pros compete and they can become interested in competitive halo and learn about it at the same time
  5. HYENA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CrTtgx5gIjg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rIVLlj3CL3Q H0lmb0m https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bcIP3pceO80 FatRat https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=68we4c6YC_0 Local (Editor) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mHpMZm1TLOw Cheesecake (Player)/Transcendently (Editor) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DdsvGiW0y_s Emnion https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y8dRu1QiGKE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fzMSsfx1zgM Madman https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KEDBTU__4Rw Ishii https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KbHOtLB9aB4
  6. I feel it is time to make this post that I have been procrastinating on for a long time now, especially with the recent resurgence of our community. Fair warning this post is going to be long and most likely all over the place but I please urge all of you to share your thoughts and opinions as I share mine with you guys. I am also no English major so please excuse any incorrect grammar mistakes or ongoing sentences/paragraphs. Let's begin. To start off I would like to introduce myself to anyone whom may not know me. My name is Ryan (known as Delta Nades U online) and I was introduced to Halo sometime in 2007. About a year after I found my way into the competitive scene of Halo. My "competitive career" isn't that extensive as I've only attended two MLG events (Anaheim 2009 and 2011). Other than that I have been to my fair share of local tournaments/lans throughout Halo Reach and unfortunately Halo 4. I live in SoCal so if you guys know the scene down here you know we have tons of competitive players that play Halo and compete (Commonly, Formal, Str8 Sick, Dream Crusha, Esix, Giggle Monster, Gunplexity, Tempel Is Good, Gunplex, our very own Unyshek, and tons of others you probably know). Right after MLG dropped Reach (Columbus 2012) that's when I dropped my dreams of competing for Halo and I started focusing on just playing the game and making content for my YouTube channel. My content didn't start out as anything special but as my individual skill progressed I started hitting better clips and I began to make a name for myself within the montaging community. I feel this tweet is the perfect way to transition into the next paragraph. I saw this on my feed one day and I couldn't believe I had just read this. https://twitter.com/CyReN_/status/632642232948883456 After reading this tweet it really occurred to me how separated the competitive scene has gotten away from the YouTube/montaging scene. One of the things that got my into montaging was all the insane MLG montages that were made during the golden days of Halo 3. Str8 Rippin TeamTage, Dualtality, Frenetic Array, Status Quo Teamtage, Kampy and Dutchy's Montages AND SO MANY OTHERS. If you know what the channel FBWalshyFTW is, then you know every montager wanted to have their montage uploaded onto it because everyone in the halo community watched all the top montages on that channel. I was inspired by all these incredible montages with the amazing clips and all the cool editing/effects. I wanted to make one and have tons of people watch it and feel proud of my effort into the video. To go back to the tweet, yes the YouTube scene wasn't how it once was in terms of the content that was once produced. Over the years though we as a community have never stopped making content. The end of 2014 we had a movie competition to see who could make the best video/montage out their and tons of amazing editors/montagers came together and made incredible content. Even throughout 2015/2016 high quality content is still being produced but they aren't getting enough attention/recognition as they once did. The sad part is Halo's viewership in terms of both YouTube/competitive events have been incredibly low within the last several years (until recently with HWC that has helped). The montage in my signature has been fortunate to rack up 8k plus views (within a year now) but most videos don't even make it pass 1k. Many people have their different opinions on why it is that way. A good majority of the community say this started with Reach. As I can agree with it being the start of it (I still think we had great events/montages for Reach as I'm a Reach MLG montager :P) it really went downhill with the bombshell that was Halo 4. May I add even with these games we were still able to make outstanding and creative content with the ever so low population of classic halo 3 and obviously Reach as well. When the announcement of MCC came out the montaging community was ecstatic that we could start montaging again on Halo 2/3 with a heavily populated game. We all know what happened to MCC..... BUT some amazing people in the community still managed to make quality content out of it. So this all leads me into my point in which I firmly believe was have had a major part in our downfall as a community as a whole. Yes Bungie/343 have not given us amazing games out of the box but when has that ever stopped us from playing the game we want it to be. MLG settings are all based off of what the competitive community thinks is the most skillful/balanced settings we can play with. As a community we complained so hard to 343 about sprint in Reach they gave us NBNS which completely changed Reach and is the reason I still play the game to this day. We have stuck together throughout all the highs and lows of halo making content and still competing because we have such a strong passion for this game. Luckily we have developer support now which gave us bigger and more tournaments for halo like The Global Championships for H4 and now HCS for Halo 5. That still isn't enough though. If you don't know who Hecz is he is the owner of Optic Gaming. He recently made a video giving his own advice regarding our community in terms of what we need to do in order to continue to grow ourselves as a whole. I highly recommended you watch this video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ZKTIrEh7N4 One point he makes is that our professional players just show up to the events to compete and after that's it until the next one. Unyshek made an excellent post awhile ago comparing data from professional Halo YouTubers and CoD Youtubers. http://teambeyond.net/forum/topic/9235-a-message-to-hcs-pros/?p=430282 The results are drastic and what do you know all the top people in both games are/have been associated with Optic. Hecz really knows what he is talking about. The thing is most of these peoples content isn't event that hard to make. I'm sure most of the professional either have or can easily obtain a captured card from a sponsor (or you just have the money for it). Also many fans I'm sure would be willing to make channel art for all you guys as well. A lot of the top CoD YouTubers (either professional or general content creator) upload either cut commentaries/full gameplays with camera in the corner or Vlogs. People love getting to learn and engage with their favorite pros and that's something streaming has really helped with. For instance Ninja became huge in the halo community from his personality and his content from his stream/YouTube and a lot of that was him just 1v1ing people (the sudds lol) and having a reaction to it. Assault and Maniac's YouTube channels blew up (granted they joined Optic) because they got the right opportunity and had a chance to show people how entertaining/funny they can be. Like i previously said everyone has their different opinions/taste on what content they like. Currently RyaNoob has been posting analysis on gameplay on his YouTube, Lethul started posting stuff from his stream which has been entertaining, Snipedown always post stuff from his stream as well. Going into the montage/YouTube content scene our top guys are Kampy (who post amazing montages/stream highlights with live reactions), H0lmb0m (the master of live reactions; his videos are beautiful and entertaining), and many more like Hyena, Dutchy, FatRat, Emnion who have amazing clips and montages. Common pattern though is all of them have found a way to stand out as a individual player/content creator because of their unique and fantastic content. Players/YouTubers can use this in order to market both themselves and the community so we can all grow as one. We need to all be supportive and help each other out if we want to get the Halo community bigger and better than it has ever been. If the pros start making more content we as fans will instantly be there to watch. A simple retweet/shoutout from a pro on a montage they enjoyed watching can go a long way and really help out the YouTube content creators grow their audience. At the end of the day if we want to become what we once were we need to stop with the excuses and start doing what we need to for the sake of the community. To everyone that has been grinding content on YouTube and streaming all the time on Twitch I applaud all of you and hope you guys all continue doing so. I hope more and more people start watching more streams and start subscribing to all the Halo YouTubers out their that deserve a lot more subscribers then they have currently. Want to give a shoutout to Swift who also made a post regarding how YouTubers market themselves to their audience. Also a shoutout to Lethul because the cluster we just had with Rostermania got me back into watching/keeping up to date with competitive halo ever since I kind of stopped with H2A. I will be reserving the first response to post YouTube accounts and recent montages I recommend all of you to check out if you have not already. Another shoutout to SillyGoose for continuing to run and post daily on SingleHaloClips!
  7. Excuse this all over the place post as I am writing this with no sleep and I wanted to get this out before I left for work. Will redo/recreate at some point. As being on the list (The Definition Of An Almost God Clip) I can somewhat agree to what your saying. I've been wanting to express my opinions for awhile now regarding Halo on YouTube but I've been procrastinating on it a lot plus I wanted to right a giant post about it and have all the info that I wanted in there which = I'm lazy lol. To be realistic halo isn't how it use to be from the golden days of halo youtubing. For those who don't know, I am one of the remaining montagers in the community. I started specifically montaging back in late 2012 when I decided I didn't want to pursue competitive halo anymore. Anyways fast forward to now from when I first got into the community, I can basically name every single active montager and editor who is left. That is pretty depressing as it shows how small our community has got. This also affects the views. From what I have seen over the past couple of years most videos get viewed specifically from a (Halo) YouTubers own subscriber base, posting on forums, or word of mouth (good example was Hyena's Mastery because it was epic and everyone and their mother saw it). Almost everyone who comments on my videos I have known for awhile or have seen in the community. Even though we are small we still support each other which is awesome. I just haven't seen any new viewership on anyone's videos including mine. That could definitely be linked to how we market our videos though. I just feel like when I title my videos its only for my own subs besides the big montages I post (obviously not the right way to market myself). One thing I wanted to add in the giant thread/post I was going to make is that the competitive community has almost completely separated from the Youtube/montaging community which is unfortunate and has also affected the viewership over the past couple of years. I have so much more to say about this but I will at some point make my own thread about this in more detail.
  8. I'm friends with Unyshek (John) in real life he is really chill and cares a lot about the community I'm glad 343 hired him
  9. No way he is back :O he was a really good player back in the day and funnier than anything
  10. Quite surprised that you would say that Lethul as I lost some respect for you back in the day when you completely trashed and disregarded anyone who tried to talk to you that wasn't pro, or at least from what I saw. Nevertheless I'm happy you made that statement to @@TheSituJAKEtion. I can agree with you that today's halo doesn't have as much prestige and value compared to H2/H3 but that shouldn't devalue the players that are trying to make a name for themselves now. The fact that Lethul and the other team's that picked these up and comers up in the first place shows that these pros see something in these "new" players. The only reason you haven't really seen or heard of them is because they really never got a chance back in the day since that's how it was. I know Commonly personally since he is the homie/local of mine and he is a beast on lan and I hope he continues to show everyone else that doesn't believe in him at X Games and Regionals. Everyone starts somewhere at the bottom of the competitive community and its just a matter of how you get noticed. Some get lucky because they know pros personally and that helps them get noticed easier and some have to grind all the time to finally get noticed. End of the day these players all have massive potential to shine so we shall see soon. P.S. Lethul us reach montagers still think your dualtage with formal have some of the nastiest MLG clips out there :P #TeamHamy
  11. As a montager myself I will be on the lookout for it whenever it is released
  12. Well Reigns didn't win so you got your wish lol. This is going to create a huge fued between Wyatt and Brock so I'm all for it moving forward. Truthfully I wanted Wyatt to win but we can't always get what we want :/
  13. They have always been amazing players especially Ian (Chaser) he is an incredible naturally talented player. Also Hamy (Commonly) as so much raw skill I'm glad he got picked up he deserves it the fans will come to get to know him soon mark my words. Brb Royal Rumble
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