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  1. but lethul never won a halo 4 event... Had a great time wasting my weekend and watching some good fucking halo this weekend. Really loved the quad streams.
  2. i saw it, was aries. didnt think to clip it though. I was suprised they didnt get a flag off that.
  3. If your computer can handle 3 streams at once i recommend runing at least the audio from the main channel as well.
  4. Yeah i noticed them on the MCC twitch list. Haven't heard about them anywhere else. Last matchup it took them half the first game to label status quo correctly though.
  5. I do wanna take a moment and say that I fucking LOVE the fact that they have quad streams for the main stage. Its really great having those up on two monitors and being able to watch everything...when the player names are labeled correctly. Red Stream Blue Stream
  6. Okay so just trying to make sense here because we aren't on the same wavelength here. You said: So you're claiming this is the second largest event in halo history. This chart shows that isn't even close. You made the accusation that this includes online events which it does not. Also moses's tweet is talking about HCS events specifically. and then we are back to So I am not sure I understand. Are you saying that MLG events are not halo events or are you specifically referring to HCS when you say "halo event"?
  7. if you thought halo players were bad did you ever wander into the starcraft play area during events?
  8. insane almost 1100 players at orlando 08 there are probably less people on h5 on the weekdays.

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