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  1. I haven't had much issues with custom games until now. Every other game instead of loading the map, the xbox crashes and reboots. Their "fixes" are doing more damage than good.
  2. Right there with ya. I took the week off from work, me and two other buddies bought xbox one's just for the game. It's been an extremely disappointing experience thus far. There has been a lot I've wanted to say regarding how they managed to completely revitalize the halo scene just to immediately kill it off and put it in even worse shape, all of which you've covered quite well in this post. It saddens me that this is where we are at when this release had such infinite potential.
  3. Well it sort of works. Have gotten 3 team slayer games so far pretty quickly. One ended up being 6v6 chill out, the other two have been 3v4's with our party members getting split still.
  4. What playlists are you guys finding games in? We're having no luck with the h2 lists.
  5. I found a game in the team slayer playlist that started with 4 people and put each person on their own team. Absurd.
  6. Me and Pacmayne managed to find one game in the anniversary playlist, which is the only ranked playlist. We got split up, and it was 4v3. Hopefully it's fixed for the actual release cause it's just ridiculous.
  7. So I setup the twitch app and streamed a bit of our matchmaking. We got a derelict slayer game on there where I actually pulled host. This should be a link to right around the game start. http://www.twitch.tv/cph_legolas/b/586815760?t=35m10s I watched through it and the video got distorted a bit at times but most of the footage is good. Also I'm really rusty, and it's not reallly halo 1... so be nice. I'm top screen, bottom screen is my buddy "thehansbecker", he's also the one talking.
  8. Well if you're looking to get a larger following for the game, bringing them into a 2v2 slaughter isn't gonna be the way to attract them. This is why there needs to be both options. 4v4 can even be the unranked "social" playlist for that matter.
  9. Took me a while to find the post but here is the pertinent info. "We are holding on introducing the dedicated Halo: CE playlist. Up until this very day, we’ve been making (and are continuing to make) investments to ensure that Halo: CE’s online/network performance is the best it can be within Halo: The Master Chief Collection, and we’re committed to making additional investments to make this happen. The current Halo: CE experience will be playable in custom games, as well as the Team Slayer and Big Team Battle playlists, but we are holding on the dedicated playlist until we are able to provide the best experience possible. Lastly, due to your feedback over the past few weeks, we’ll be moving the Halo: CE playlist to 2v2 when it launches." So yes they will be swapping 4's for 2's. But at the same time there will be NO dedicated halo 1 playlist at launch. This news really kills it for me halo 1 wise. Editing is hard.
  10. Are you sure he said that they are replacing the 4v4? That seems like a poor decision. Yes 2v2 is the current h1 meta, but that completely takes away any sort of match made objective games and so forth. 4v4 is amazing to play and shouldn't be pushed out for 2v2. It really needs to be both 2v2 and 4v4 as playlist options.
  11. So I stopped testing things out and threw caution to the wind and played matchmaking. We played maybe 12ish matchmade games. Got CE 3 times, halo 2 3 times, halo 3 once, and h2a for all the other games. I'm a complete CE kid, it's far and away my favorite game of the series and where all my memories lie, but halo 2 classic is easily the best game in MCC. It feels so much like the original. Halo CE is a huge letdown. Much of my issue in the games I got to play is that pistoling is just a toss up. I really hope it's just pre release issues that won't be around after Monday night, but pistoling from mid range or further might as well be a coin toss on whether or not your shot is gonna hit. There is no consistency to it. Nothing like trying to pistol off host on xbc. On top of that, shots that should be hitting appear to hit, but you get no hit registration sound. The enemy lights up as if you hit him even, still no sound. The sound is annoying as hell and I hate it, but it was almost necessary to know if I was actually connecting.
  12. They might have the custom weapons option set to yes. Changing it to no had all normal weapons for each map that I've played so far. I haven't done derelict yet, and I've actually been playing matchmaking so I'm not gonna check it right now, but I can check it out later.
  13. Well I watched it for the first 6 minutes and then stopped watching till again at 12. The first 6 it was hard to tell if it was off at all, but at 12 it was clearly off, so the timer would have been started at the right time, the powerups were just coming up slightly later each minute. Seems to be map dependent.
  14. I think it was smaller than that. But yea. File size is 59ish gigs.
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