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  1. Why has this thread devolved into bashing the casters and bashing IG? I've watched most of the stream this weekend and its been fine. The time between games is annoying but that isn't their fault, it is Microsoft and 343's fault, cut IG some slack. Same with the replays. Casters being goofy with their commentary to fill time is better than constant commercials and dubstep. If you have to post something negative then make it constructive. The gameplay itself been great competitive Halo as i've always enjoyed it. Why don't we try to focus on that and who's gonna walk away with the $$$ tomorrow. Grand Finals will be EG vs. CLG rematch. My money is on CLG.
  2. Is there a list of all the rosters anywhere? I'm wondering who's on Agent.PARAGON
  3. Top 4 Evil Geniuses vs. Str8 Rippin Fatal Ambition vs ??? 5-8 Believe the Hype vs. Anex (Arkanum, KillRelevant, Omega, Shooter) Optic Noble Reality Check Mighty Ducks (A Dark Legacy, DoNiNaToR, IRapture, xToXsiK)
  4. They lost Lockdown Hill. It was the 2nd or 3rd they played i think.
  5. I am confused about downloading the 20GB patch early. I didn't know about the digital download option so i preordered from gamestop. Can i still download the patch early this week? I do NOT want to have to do it at 12:01 that night.
  6. StK wins it all. Optic 2nd, VwS 3rd. There are going to be some great games between these 3. I don't expect BtH to do much.... at all. TCM will probably finish ahead of them. Purple rain dead last obviously.

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