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  1. Hey guys, been a minute. Not sure what the rules are on here in regards to "self promotion", but if this in violation, please feel free to take it down. Anyway, we've started streaming our local lans and I've been cutting and uploading the gameplays to my new YouTube page. If you're looking for some gameplays to keep you occupied during this shitstorm, come check us out at Twitch or you can check the VODs on YouTube We just had a big midwest lan at DynoMike's a couple weeks ago. I'm working on getting the better stuff uploaded to YouTube, but you can check out the full broadcast under the Twitch highlights. Hope you guys enjoy! Stay safe - wash your hands and keep away from MCC.
  2. As for the remarks regarding the alleged "elitism" of the OG playerbase, I can't comment for the community as whole, but our Midwest LAN group has been more than accommodating to new blood. Not only is this evidenced by our posts to this site and others trying to get people to attend our LANs, but members of our group (Jeenyus, Fight, Zefy, myself, and others) have been putting out a ton of content for you to consume via Twitch and Jeenyus's YouTube.
  3. I understand and, unfortunately, I don't have the time to formulate a reply to each of my qualms with your last post, but the fact remains - "opening it up to everyone on MCC" is a rather moot point. Not only are you introducing the variance of internet connection, but based on my pretty extensive knowledge of the existing playerbase, you're missing out on just as many good participants, if not more. Furthermore, you're talking about two completely different echelons of players; the vast majority of the MCC players aren't in the same league as even the top 30 or perhaps top 50 OG players. In reality, we're talking about two different games at this point, unless significant changes are made to the MCC engine. Personally, I don't feel that top level MCC players should be mentioned in the same breath as their OG counterparts. And I don't see why you wouldn't want to watch and support anything other than the best.
  4. This prize money would be better spent supporting a tournament at a big annual OG LAN, like Beach LAN 4 or something similar. The best players play OG and the hard fact is a majority of them don't care about MCC. You'll see better competition and additional top level players who, imo, are more deserving of the prize pool.
  5. H1 LAN in Indianapolis March 19th-22nd. PM Fight or myself if interested. P.S. Playing on OG equipment, not this MCC garb.
  6. H1 LAN in Indianapolis March 19th-22nd. PM Fight or myself if interested. P.S. Playing on OG equipment, not this MCC garb.
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