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  1. Trying to get everyone organized on what events are happening when. So people can be up to date on the latest events so they can attend them. IG Daytona - Oct 30-Nov 1st EGLx -Nov 13-Nov 15th MES Halo ??? If you have anymore to post comment below and i'll add it to the list
  2. Just wanted to post this out there, just wanted to say what happened to all the online leagues we used to have for halo? its like they all disappeared, we need them to come back so we can get players and teams more practice in a Halo Tourney mindset. Also this helps players that aren't known to make a name for themselves online if they cant travel. What's your input?
  3. Me and Indirect are looking for 2 Players to be able to compete in Online Cups and Lan Events. Some of my history I've been competing since 2010 My highest placing is 24th Place, I've been to MLG, NGL, AGL, IG and HCS Events in the past. Indirect has been in the competitive Halo seen since H3. Our hours we usually play are from 4pm - 11pm EST Please make sure your able to travel before you message us wanting to run games We are just looking to find two other players that are willing to grind and work as a team to get better. If you wanna run with my Team HMU on Twitter @Alienableog or on XBL GT: Go Alienable
  4. Looking to go to Gamers 4 Giving Feb. 21-22 Most likely have Hotel and Team pass paid for and we will have custom jerseys HMU GT: Go Alienable Send me a message saying you want to run games
  5. GT: Go Alienable Customs/Matchmaking: Both Region: South, Tampa, Florida Looking for 1 for the Iron Gaming Columbus Event
  6. Halo Master HD Collection and Halo 5 Reaction @@Alienable_Go
  7. I go to Florida College which is 15 Mins, is there anyway i could go to this Lan, also my brother goes to USF
  8. Just Wanted to say soon ill be returning to Halo Competitively, I've been to a couple of events and was recently invited to the Halo 4 Global Championship but couldn't attend bc i didn't have the funds at the time anyway please follow me on my social media sites if you want some game time or just wanna screw around! Follow me on Twitter and Sub to My Channel Please! @Alienableog
  9. Hey guys Alienable Here trying to make a name for myself here is my twitter and youtube links please follow my career! @AlienableOG http://www.youtube.com/user/FpsPovEntertainment
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