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  1. Anything less then mid 80's is unacceptable. It'll likely be 60ish.
  2. These people make my blood pressure skyrocket....
  3. My uneducated guess as to how H1 Split Screen might work..
  4. I really don't know. Hopefully they keep it similar... going from a 4:3 split to a 16:9 would make the fov like 120ish which would be weird. maybe they'll use black bars to make a 4:3 picture then cut it in half?
  5. I'm pretty sure you can play split, I don't how it will work though.. probably just sign in as a guest? not sure how the profile system works on Xbone.
  6. Xbox split = 110° FoV Xbox full = 70° PC full = 70° Looks like MCC will be around 90-95-ish
  7. No, I mean't that IF Halo MCC has a LAN feature (from what I understand it might be possible, just the consoles would need to ping the XBL severs) that it keeps Halo 1's LAN netcode architecture. I realize that the XBL netcode is going to be drastically different.
  8. I doubt it. I think the differences are going to be so minor that top players will be the same on either.
  9. I'm assuming (big assumption at that) is that they used a similar technique that the "no lead" mod for Halo PC. Takes into account your ping and other factors and automatically compinsates for it. You still have to lead on "no lead" servers, it feels the same as host.
  10. I'm not sure some of you know what hit scan actually is.
  11. Halo PC gets a bad rap. Some of it is well deserved, like the netcode, and the visual and graphical problems (a lot of them have been fixed in patches since release). But most of the problems have been addressed by 343 (weapon/power up times). I'm hoping they leave the LAN netcode from Xbox unchanged.
  12. redicle size doesn't change with FoV and Halo MCC has a FoV that around 90.
  13. Probably not, only thing I was told was everything is supposed to function the same as Xbox, net-code aside obviously.
  14. I ran out of neg rep for the day. it's not hit scan.
  15. HALO 1 MCC WILL HAVE XBOX-STYLE TIMING! everyone get your timers ready!!
  16. Its not as bad as a lot of people are making it out to be. It might not be perfect but it will still be better then anything else since H1.
  17. You answered your own question. It's not a minor difference, it completely changes how the game will be played. I'm holding out hope they reverted it back to Xbox-style times.
  18. I just found out about the "player_magnetism" command about a week ago, turned Halo PC into a completely new game for me. It feels like host on xbox. It feels about 80% as good, only problem is hit registration still kinda sucks but assuming 343 has some competent network engineers, this should be pretty easy to address. (part of the reason why halo PC's netcode blows is because MS wanted it to be "playable" on 56k, H1 MCC doesn't have that requirement and everyone will be playing on XBL with plenty of bandwidth to spare so I think it shouldn't be a problem.)
  19. Anyone that doubts the Halo PC version doesn't have the same mechanics as needs to install Halo PC, plug in a controller, open console and type "player_magnetism 1" and then go play on a "no lead" sever. What's going to make or break this game is whether they kept PC or xbox times.
  20. Just the way you remember it* *except we make it easier for noobies to snipe so they don't rage quit
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