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  1. Bungie made H3. Its funny we used to all hate bungie... now after what 343 has done, i'd do anything to have Bungie back.
  2. So I save up part of 2 summer paychecks to buy an Xbox one solely for MCC and this is what I am rewarded with? Seriously considering just selling MCC back to gamestop and never supporting the franchise again. It is insane how money hungry Microsoft and 343 is. I think despite not having an amazing computer, I will buy CSGO and start playing that game, watching those streams, and supporting that franchise. 343 has put halo on life support and if the game is not fixed by christmas, it will be time for me to pull the plug.
  3. is there any actual update today or was that rumble playlist addition the only thing they are doing today? Really disappointed that they are just kind of sweeping this under the rug and not saying much about whats going on or why this all occured. Each day the game will die a little more smh. Didnt see OP. Thanks for information
  4. "Quitting the build" #JustMCCthings
  5. I think pushing the release date back was an infinitely better idea then knowingly release this pile of garbage. 343 lost out on a HUGE opportunity to bring in so many more fans and get them hooked to buy Halo 5. I have so many friends who casually bought halo and now will probably never go back to it. Delaying the game would have kept the hype going and if it launched successfully, i'm sure those "deadline bonuses" would be worked out. I'm just holding my breath that the game will eventually be fully fixed and operational. Is there anyone who thinks some of these issues simply cannot and never will be fixed, or are you all confident they will get ironed out?
  6. Thanks for the response. I havent been able to see teammates only my dead body...
  7. The question is.. are they even teams? Are they even 4v4? I joined a game of yesterday and it started off 6v4 than proceeded to randomly turn to a 10 man FFA. Side question.. In H2C when you die, shouldnt you be able to look around on death screen? Mine is stuck whenever I die
  8. Really worried about the future for MCC. Its been a solid 2 days and there are so so many issues. MM is horrible, but the UI is just as bad and I don't think a "network update" will fix some of these glaring issues. Casuals will be running away not only now but when H5 releases. On a side note this is a completely minor issue but I see some people check their career stats and it shows them total kills, death, and assist.. on mine I cant see total deaths and im confused why? Its something I always liked being able to see (Win ratio and K/D) also, I think mine is pretty bad right now due to being matched up in 2 on 4 games in MM smh. Hoping both ranks and stats reset when they fix these issues.
  9. any pro who will try to defend H5 in the next coming weeks. Sprint and ADS = RIP
  10. Mine as well just start playing H2C competitively and just petition against the new age of halo like the smash community did. RIP
  11. Honestly I know there are links and I personally found the info for the tournament date and start time but the kid has a point. Im not at all complaining, but there should be a banner on the front page large and blatantly advertised. Hell even a timed countdown would be a pretty cool feature. This is the first real tournament for Halo in a while (with lots of competition and big faces) and should be hyped as much as possible. Lets get 50k+ and enjoy a great tourney boys. #WEBACK
  12. I hate beating a dead horse but Halo 5 simply wont last as a carbon copy of the old classic Halos. Trust me, I am all for the classic halo feel and its what I prefer, but with Console FPS evolving and the gaming industry in general evolving, there will be crap in this game nobody likes. There will be things like sprint, double jumps, climbing over walls, ground pound that all sound horrible and are not true to original halo. People are going to freak out. All I ask, is we wait till we play the Beta, see how these things were implemented, make constructive criticism and try to make an end product that is a viable, fun, and good game. We can only hope that 343 has learned from their mistakes (H4). They have hired a lot of former halo pros we trust and love and while I know the game has to evolve, everything 343 has been pushing lately between MCC and E-sports suggests they at least get the message. Lets just play the beta and hope we can make H5 a game that can keep the community together and hopefully rejuvenate the franchise and that will allow us to support the halo brand for the future. One thing COD does right is no matter how shitty the game, they support it and make it stay at the top. This is what we need to do with Halo. Give our feedback, help make the game good, and support the community.
  13. If it were up to me, Halo 5 would be CE or H2 with spectator mode; however, that is not the case. Halo 5 will not be classic halo. There will be changes. Most of them will be foreign to us and we will detest them. Sprint most likely will be in. Its a new generation and console FPS are changing (cod ruined them). Overall, we are going to have to hope that Halo 5 is still a viable good game and that we can adapt to change to support the franchise. Its the sad truth. We also will always have MCC.
  14. I've realized that wether this article is fake or not, H5 is going to be different from the Halo we know and love. I pray its viable and fun. I know they have to make changes to keep the brand fresh. Goldenboy all but confirmed that we will be upset with some changes due to "the way the industry is evolving". Atleast we have MCC.
  15. True he was before but then he got tired of people cheating on H3/low population and started streaming destiny instead.
  16. @tylerhoyt (Diesel) tweeted saying it was confimed that DLC for H2A would not happen via a IGN podcast. Anyone else confirm this? Sad sad news for competitve merit of H2A.
  17. almost all of these teams and pros have been streaming or scrimming in some way lately. I will say RIGHT NOW, the most skillful and best player IMO is Naded. He has been grinding more than any other player and its starting to show. Haven't seen his teamates on so it could be the downfall of VWS. Also, Agency beat Stk in some H2V scrims yesterday. Also very interesting. Really excited for this tournament. Overall precdiction is too tough without a bracket. Wondering how they would seed it. Must be random.
  18. Wow Forge looked amazing. As for Beaver, I think they just made a quick rendition to show off for that IGN video. What is really impressive about it though is how aesthetically similar the forge palette can make it to the original. No more grey versions of the pit etc. Someone who is talented with forge could easily improve that beaver creek map to make it geometrically original. My hope is that the other two skybox maps give us different themed natural pieces. Since awash was all canyon and brown pieces, hopefully we could get one that was more urbanized pieces or something. Also, I know we shouldn't just remake old maps but part of me hope there is a covenant theme to remake middy. Would like to have all 5 of the H2C MLG maps in rotation and include 2 completely new original maps. 7 maps would give so much variety and re playability. Overall I know a lot of doubt was with H2A due to limited map pool but I think forge can safely save any concern with that. #WeBack
  19. Don't get me wrong I think its really cool they made an anniversary edition as well. I am excited for it. I'm simply saying, make it clear about everything included and maxamize your sales. There are many more sales you can make for xbox one and MCC just by highlighting that the original version was also included.
  20. Same. Really wish we were just given midship and Beaver Creek. Then add in a couple possible forge maps and we could have 7 competitive playable maps.
  21. Couldn't of said it better. I really think 343 should have marketed MCC better atleast from the perspective of letting people know H2C is included in the game. The same thing happened to me. My friend told me it was being remade and I assumed it was just an anniversary. I researched, found out it included classic as well, and boom went out and bought xbox one. As for the casual perspective, I think you are spot on. I will say that I have competed in some tournaments (limited) but tune in and follow the scene via forums etc. While I do wish H2C was the competitive game, I think you're right and it will be H2A. I personally am at the point where I am just excited halo will be played competitively at all. Side note, hasnt there been some competitive tournaments announced for H2C? Maybe the games could somehow coexsist.
  22. Im fairly certain the 698 number was only for Xbox one Cod AW team ladder. There are separate ladders for xbox one and 360 as well as pe4 etc.
  23. I know gamebattles doesnt mean a whole lot, but its kind of depressing a game like cod AW already has 698 teams made for the team ladder while all 4 halo games have a combined 131 teams.
  24. ReFlexxx

    New headset

    Still wondering if I did go with this option, would I be able to but a mixamp pro separately and use it with this headset? I realize how un economical that is but am just curious.
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