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  1. I'll craft my predictions in private so Hard Way doesn't analyze my picks, punkass bitch
  2. I'll take any milkshake they have, as long as it's banana.
  3. If i felt like braving the multi-quote button, I would have. We will try our best. I mainly just like hearing myself talk while having a soapbox to stand on and talk down to everyone which is, like, boner alert.
  4. I think I mentioned it to some people, but Bobby doesn't arrive until Wednesday and i THINK Jordy leaves Wednesday. As you know better than anyone, the arrivals, departures and cross over are always an issue. I'm more than happy to fill in for Jordy tho. lmk
  5. Thanks Teapot. The money that has been issued to us will be used in a varied way. Myself and Cp are still discussing it because we have conflicting views on it, as of now.. I want to set aside a certain amount and allow for "challenges" to be made. So if team X thinks they can beat team Y, they can challenge them and then play for, say, $100. This allows a set amount of people to potentially win money, unlike a tournament where certain teams know they will probably won't make the podium, so to speak, We could prob do 10 of those and use $500 to further offset costs for Cp. That's my idea at least, while he wants to take a hit and use the money for everyone. We will come to an agreement soon. The grudge match idea came about pretty quickly and took a fair amount of discussion and contemplation, believe it or not. Mostly because I'm an idiot and lazy. Hard Way and myself will be doing the full commentary for the day of the Grudge Matches and all necessary info will be posted here and be available on the twitch page for Beach Lan. BL 6 is completely open to anyone. Just ask myself, Teapot or Hard Way and we can accommodate you accordingly If anyone has any questions, suggestions or requests, drop a line and let us know. We want to make this as enjoyable and open to the community as possible. Any info and input is vital so help us out
  6. We're discussing it. It being so close our next LAN, deemed 5.5, complicates things. As does it being on the west coast where we don't really know anyone so we would have to pay for lodging and stuff. We will decide soon enough
  7. It's the Fantasia Film Festival, it actually just concluded. It's a horror/genre lineup. So this inquiry would be for next year, sadly.
  8. Who is in Montreal? There's a film festival there that I've been looking to attend, someone to put me up would be the tits. Some h1 too at the same time...?
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