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  1. Do you see that golden retriever hanging 10?! I'm gay as fuck and LOVE damnation.
  2. So did someone make your name purple literally just because you're good at halo?
  3. If weapon times and spawns work like xbox, alot of us are going to get reported for 'cheating' ALOT until they make a ranked 2s list. I just cannot wait for 1080p, 60 frames and that xbone controller. My old man eyes cannot take another year of H1, and the banana hands after gripping a s type for a few days is real, the game literally destroys me now.
  4. I for the life of me cannot understand why you would ever connect 180 model glitch to shot lead, it's ridiculous, quit telling people this nonsense.
  5. IS this venom zekkou or whatever from KY? When you gonna man up for those h1 money matches?
  6. Also @@chumpp you only have one reference point and are completely assuming the timer should start when the map visually loads, this isn't exactly rock solid evidence.
  7. If they release the game with PC times nobodies going to play it, so I wouldn't waste my time making a timer. You hear that @@Bravo , @@GH057ayame? Important stuff, pay attention.
  8. Walsh has been considered out of his depth in halo for a while now, by pros. I wouldn't team with someone who I wasn't confident in just because people like him on the internet. @@Redwall , Toms the goat, I don't see him losing if he's putting the time in.
  9. id team with puck if i didnt think i had a chance at winning, hes good enough and hilarious to play with. If kyle doesn't have a team that sucks, he was stoked for MCC at the last ohio lan.
  10. Thank god they showed us rockets on battle creek..
  11. Formerly from KY, in TN now. I attended AGP and MLG events like 2003-2005
  12. Nade tricks were accidental, you'd have to be completely cwazy to believe otherwise. There's just alot of reference points on a scoped in pistol and where a player can position, and alot of 'architectural tangents' on the maps. (straight lines and fine edges, literally everywhere)
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