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  1. Seriously looking to team with other dedicated people for the Championship series. Add Reavxr on Xbox if your interested. I'll pay my own own way for anything. Even willing to contribute to help the team get what it needs
  2. GB - ReavZ GT - Reavxr Games: H1, H2 4s and 2s
  3. A lot of the OGs from XBC dont even really play or they just LAN with close friends. Its gonna be nice to which players come back for XBL
  4. Looking for a team for Halo eSports playlist and H1 playlist. Been playing halo since 02.. My XBC is [Reaver_PwNz] or [AsK]Reaver my MLG acc is ReavZ People know me because of my duo with SyLeNc3 and the clan/team A4TH with 44s, and 22s Been to plenty of tourneys/LANs MLG Dallas 08 MLG Dallas 09 Carolina Games Summit back when it was the Goldsboro Gaming Expo Can't remember the LAN center in Charlotte NC Arlington Fire Dept. H2 Tourney cyber city h2 and h3 tourneys Landed h1 with Th3 Mafia and Crav3n at one point lol Lubbock TX Buffalo Wild Wings H2 tourney And more i can't remember... I have LAN exp and event so I can handle it. Msg me on XBL: Reavxr to run games.. I won't disappoint
  5. Dude! You have to add me foo. It's Reaver lol
  6. lawton here.. Add me Reavxr... Don't have 360 anymore but I'm ready for MCC... Been with halo since 2002 so yeah... Hmu

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