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  1. Maybe a dumb question, but does the [GMT -6] in the Pro League schedule basically mean Eastern time?
  2. Okay cool, didn't know how pro leagues worked. Thank you sir.
  3. Sorry if this has been posted but how will the seedings for Pro League be determined? Will CLG be 1, EG 2, and the rest randomized? It sucks they're only playing until the 4 have qualified this weekend. Optic, RNG, nV, and Liquid to qualify.
  4. Yeah, seems like he's burned out and wants a break from the game. He grinded harder than almost anyone for awhile.
  5. OpTic and Denial ends 4-4. OpTic looking more organized and confident in strats in limited series.
  6. Series finished 4-9. Good thing CLG has the auto-bid for Pro League, looking like a Challenger team right now.
  7. It looks like a lot of people assume it's Optic's decision to make. It's probably Spartan's spot if he wants it.
  8. I could've sworn he said "need to" but I might've misheard.
  9. Naded mentioned needing to lock down rosters by Sunday for "something" Pro league?
  10. FS: "Naded is a low-key grinder" Optic needs Flamesword and Maniac to be grinders now, too. Naded can get them up to speed on a lot of the meta of the game. Hopefully when Maniac gets back tomorrow we'll see him actually take the team "super serious". Pumped for Naded and this opportunity. Naded streams 'bout to be a lot more lit! Jimbo/Spartan/Stellur as 4th
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