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  1. I had to sign in after prob a year off just to up vote this. I do not understand why people bitch about what makes the game great.
  2. Having seen this Forge question yet - I'm not into Forge - so i'm not sure how it will work - but is the move to PC a big deal for that community (for the MCC games)? I feel like I heard it was a major win for the H5 Forge community when that launched for that game. Personally I'm very excited for Reach Firefight...I can only pray they have a matchmaking option for it like they did in Reach.
  3. Do offense to the Beach Lan guys... But i legitimately LOVE watching CE on Skillshot right now with its, IMO, good production quality Gandhi commenting, solid game play.... Excellent stuff.
  4. When I hear influencers like Summit, or Dr. Disrespect say stuff like this about Halo - it just makes me sad knowing how much struggle there has been over the last 5 or 6 years. We could have it so good.... Time stamped 8:54 - 9:24 https://youtu.be/n0q0Qpg-Zek?t=534
  5. If UGC would stream CE games, with a caster as a side event - I wouldn't care if it was to 10 kills or 100, let alone 50 vs. 25. I would actually get to see my favorite game of all time streamed. Taking nothing away from the Beach Lan - loved it. But i think the quality of stream would be more well done with UGC/Microsoft support.
  6. If you're serious about Crowdfunding...and set up some type of GoFundMe for this - you have my $100. Love the idea from someone so passionate about Classic Halo!
  7. Thanks for the reply - and I do understand what you're grip is about. And to be honestly I agree for the most part. But I don't necessarily blame the "casual" player, I blame Bungie and 343 for not understanding the value and knowledge the competitive player and community has to the health of the total game/franchise. I do think the game is better with the improvements MLG made back then, and suggestions MANY on this website have suggested for current and future states of the game. But I also don't put the onus on a casual player - who might play 5 hrs a week to follow why it's better for the franchise - I put the onus on 343 to actually listen, test and believe that the competitive community know a thing or two.
  8. With all due respect - I couldn't disagree more with you. Halo has always been a franchise that is a game so many - of all ages - have grown to love for their own reasons. Many of those reasons cross over between each other (competitive, grifball, infection, BTB, race, forge, warzone, etc.) It's a franchise I can play trying to be my best, but can also party up with friends while drinking and have a fucking blast swinging a hammer! Apparently it's national video game day (lame, but whatever) and I heard this news story on the way in to work. Top 10 favorite voted on franchises. Outside of the obvious platform exclusive Nintendo owns (Mario, Zelda, Pokemon,) the only other exclusive on the list is Halo. To me that speaks volumes to how important a casual community is to this franchise. People know the game, they love it just like you and everyone else on this forum. And i'm happy we all have a chance to play it, in whatever capacity they want. https://big979.iheart.com/content/2018-09-12-its-national-video-games-day/
  9. No bullshit.... I know there are issue to deal with....but fuck am I having fun on MCC for once. FYI... I hate having to say this... Get your shit right 343
  10. No bullshit... I get the issues that still remain, and I should have to state them here again (read last 3 days) but the fact that I can get a game, in damn near any playlist in 30 secs is fucking game breaking for me.
  11. Yeah I did. Worked for a while, had to get kids dinner then it stopped opening. Once it completed I could load it again just fine.
  12. Am I the only one who doesn't give 2 fucks about Dota 2? Great - their prize pool is insane (pretty baller TBH) but I can't stand watching it.
  13. Watched Wolf of Wall Street again last night - and instantly thought about creating this gif (don't have a good program for making it cool, sorry)... I hope this is not what is happening. On Topic - Super excited for the weekend! Tox #1 // Rec #2
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