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  1. Charlie Fours - www.twitch.tv/charlie_fours
  2. Anyone who wants to have your montage seen by the halo community post your links here, i'll give it a view and if I like it, i'll give you a thumbs up
  3. GT: Charlie Fours Campaign game: ALL and ODST Region: US, TX
  4. Smite is the hottest game right now! Add me, GT= Charlie Fours
  5. Looking for a smite team, or just competitive people to play with, post your tags here, and what roll you play. GT: Charlie Fours Carry Support Mid Solo
  6. I remember making you from yesterday lol GT - Charlie Fours Welcome!
  7. Lets gooo! GT - Charlie Fours I have event and lan experience for halo ce , 2 , and 3 only had my xbox for a few months now, but i'm ready to start playing with more competitive people.
  8. whats up everyone, Topic title is my gamertag, looking to improve my game. I'm really good at communication, but i just got my xbox after not having internet in almost 5 years! I'm happy to be back in the community! chigFace
  9. FORT WORTH, TX GT: Charlie Fours Event Experience

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