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  1. I've only got Halo 4 clips, but I'll grind tonight and get you some worth ones. Most of mine are just bad ass snap shots and stupid shit lol
  2. Hey man, do you have a twitter? if so @ me ItzYahtzee My GT is ItzYahtzeeTime if you don't have one. my team mate and I are looking for 2 to start attending events with. We went to AGL 7 and dropped our other 2 team mates after that. Let me know if you're interested we can talk more and run some games
  3. Hey there! My team mate and I are looking for 2 more for our team. We want to continue competing in events once we get a tight team together. Need people that are willing and dedicated. Preferably with some slaying power. We have the OBJ stuff covered pretty well. (you can try out regardless of "role") All we ask is you be down to learn and get better and grow with us. (Not babysit lol) No attitudes or people that rage over every single little thing please. It brings the moral of the team down. Reply if you're interested and we can go from there my twitter is @ItzYahtzee if you'd prefer to talk there. Just @ me and explain you read this post. Thanks for reading
  4. I was hoping for Naded, although Snakebite will be a good addition. His determination is there.
  5. I really can't wait to see this line up. Legit and Snipedown are my 2 favorite pros. It's going to be a sick team.
  6. I want to put a lot of faith into 343. I love Halo and I'd hate to see it fail. I think it is not just important, but CRUCIAL, that 343 listen to what the people want now more than ever. Halo 4 is done. Plain and simple. Focus on 5 and bring in e-sport support. I have full confidence in you guys.
  7. They said it was a MOD. Not a hidden feature. And it still has an incredible amount of problems.
  8. Couldn't agree more, Ghost. But, People think that just because there's sprint and no descope that its still bad. Yes, that's a more traditional Halo but you can't just remove a mechanic from the game after it was designed with it in mind. People need to realize how much we have going for us now. How much support we have. And that we have a lot of amazing people (Bravo, Quinn, BSAngel, Ghostayame) working on this game and the tournaments. Keep up the hard work man.
  9. We had also thought of an organisation system like Halo Reahc had. You have a menu for slayer based gametypes, then a sub menu that has Slayer, Swat, Big Team, etc..
  10. I can understand what you mean, but I believe a lot of the reason certain playlists have low numbers, is because there's a certain gametype in it you don't want to play. Having this check mark system, would eliminate that. Say I love the OBJ playlist, except for KOTH. I can just check everything expect KOTH without worrying about playing a gametype I don't like. Say there's more people that feel the same as I do, but avoid OBJ all together, simply because they don't like KOTH. This would bring back the people into that playlist, because they wouldn't have to worry about getting something they don't like or don't want to play. It would also speed up matchmaking as well.
  11. That was our idea. Have a casual playlist with no rank, and then the other ones with in game ranks.
  12. Alright everyone! During an AmHour discussion tonight, we (Junior) came up with an idea for the future of playlists. EXAMPLE-You get into the Halo multiplayer and there's a check mark box beside each playlist. You can check all the possible playlists you would want to play and it will pull up the available playlists to vote for.. So, if you and your friends want to play either CTF or Slayer. You can check mark the box beside the CTF playlist and the Slayer playlist. Please let us know your opinions on this and if you think it's a good idea. Tweet us your suggestions @Yahtzee_halo @JuniorOnTwitch @TheArsunist @Bl4ckManInc Discuss it please
  13. Sorry about my last post, mobile site is kinda weird :/ Anyway, Mikwen, what would you say is the most important thing when going from a very good player, to a competitive player? I'm a good player that formed a team and have been to LAN tournaments. I just want to know what will give me that extra bit to separate myself from a good online player, to a good pro player.
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